Letter: Vermont among the 'least devout' states

Vermont among the 'least devout' states

Editor of the Reformer:

One of the most disgusting postulates that unifies the otherwise deadly divided "Jukrislim" religions is the accusation that humans are born with and live in sin. The original finger-pointing, found in the shared book of Genesis, lays the blame of sin squarely on the backs of women. Women have never been the same since then, especially after the Jewish sects calling themselves Christianity and Islam took root. But the strange fruit from the tree of Jukrislim hangs on withered branches and drops upon a seething land where people, places and things are never safe from their fiendish clutches.

There can never be an earthly apocalypse because the alleged day of reckoning is a daily human endeavor. Hell-bent on self destruction, these peoples of the living mythologies are the guarantor's that the end is near, everyday, whether we non-Jukrislims like it or not. And, the self-appointed sanctity of this spiritual, belief-dependent higher authority is a death culture that brooks no opposition to its demanding, unproven claims upon humanity. Try as we might, we cannot escape them. For nonbelievers there is only the edge of the earth.

Nevertheless, religiosity in the United States is a matter of geography where the nature of the beast of belief abhors a vacuum. According to the Pew Research Center's February 2016 report, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts are the "least devout" states in the nation. Jukrislim religions have taken note of this void of belief and the shrunken flocks of churchgoers in the Northeast.

Here in southern Vermont we evidence the rise of interfaith initiatives over the past decade seeking to integrate themselves as "Abraham's Family Reunion" who see the state of interfaith "as kind of an activist group wanting social change." However, if there is any reliability to the historical record it sorely indicates that the inherent bloodthirsty instability of religious groups have been and are now the origin and epicenter of mass human aggression and brutality.

If the growth of interfaith initiators think they can insinuate themselves into our communities with impunity without breaking free from the historical chain reaction of their continuous violence, then, like the domino effect, we will find ourselves falling face down in a boneyard of losers.

As many of our Northeasterners show to the rest of the nation, our communities are quite capable of living decent, loving, productive social lives that have no religious or spiritual basis or governance. What does the Northeast know that the other states do not?

Vidda Crochetta, Brattleboro, April 8


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