Letter: Visit a dairy farm

Editor of the Reformer:

I read with interest a recent letter about "Mother's Day is not for cows."As I grew up always hearing that "dairy cows are the foster mothers of the human race," I would like to correct a few of the misrepresentations made in the letter.

I've personally visited dairy farms in at least 20 countries, and at least that many states, and never have I seen "distraught mothers bellow for days." Never — not once — have I ever seen cows "chained on a concrete warehouse floor."

Nutritional research shows that dairy products play an important role in a healthy diet. The writer also states that the national milk supply is routinely treated with antibiotics, a claim that is blatantly false. If a cow is treated with antibiotics — typically because she needs medical treatment for her own health — that milk can't be sold until all antibiotic residue is cleared from her milk. All milk is tested before entering the consumer market. There are clear and swift penalties for any farm that makes a mistake, and puts treated milk into their tank — including the loss of their dairy business.

I urge the writer to visit a dairy, to talk with a dairy producer, or, at a minimum, take a drive around our state. It's particularly lovely right now, and showcases one of my most favorite views: dairy cows out on grazing green grass.

Jill Stahl Tyler,

President, Global Cow, May 15


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