Letter: Vote for Bernie

Vote for Bernie

Editor of the Reformer:

Think about a Trump administration. People are told that radical Islam will be wiped out. No causes and conditions here, keep on walking. We will be cleansed of undesirables. Make America great again. The world will be peaches and cream and the we are the ones with the guns we will call the shots. The strongman is us and we are the strongman. It doesn't have to have a name. It becomes the ocean we swim in. We will try to survive in a coercive and violent society. We will communicate in uncomplicated and vulgar ways.

When the time comes for reckoning, it will be too late.

The questions becomes, how do we avoid such a situation?

Ignorance as defined, is lack of knowledge or wisdom. Stupidity as defined, is behavior that shows a lack of good sense or judgement. When you put them together you've really got something.

The reality facing us is the increasingly number of complicated and inter-related problems in the world today that require intelligence and cooperation. One can deny them and one can obstruct them but when we are overwhelmed by them, the result will be extreme chaos and suffering.

Every candidate for office has flaws. What needs to be determined is, are these flaws fatal or are they workable and consistent to the question of how can we organize our society in a more humane way?

Forget the word salad and euphemisms of the right. There is no humane way on the right. Nihilism breeds nihilism and loss of faith in human capacity.

I heard Bernie's campaign being described as extremist by Hillary supporter Robert Meacham on "Morning Joe" the other day. Workers rights, a just and fair economic system, accessible educational and job opportunities, a sane foreign policy, health care, clean air, water and environment. Yup, that's extremism all right.

The Clinton campaign has been known for going negative, and predictably, it's happening again.

The inevitability around the Clinton campaign has become nervousness as Bernie surges and his message resonates with Democratic voters.

A Hillary Clinton nomination victory does not necessarily translate into a general election victory, even against a grotesque carnival barker like Trump. Trump's an adaptable creature and his simplistic view of the world coupled with voter apathy can doom the Clinton campaign in the final round.

A Bernie/Trump race has the potential for a distinct contrast, dare I say, between good and evil; and voters will be able to tell the difference.

The first step is winning the nomination. Support Bernie. Vote for Bernie.

Steve Belczak, Westminster West, Jan. 12


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