Letter: Vote for, not against

Vote for, not against

Editor of the Reformer:

I can't seem to get that Stephen King book out of my head. Would you kill Hitler in 1933? My answer is yes. Is there someone having the same thought about Donald Trump? I did last summer, after reading "Two No Trump, A Cautionary Tale," by I.N. Hale.

You have all probably seen the Daily News front page: Dawn of the Brain Dead. I am sure there are other people seeing Bernie Sanders as the next Chairman Mao. I fear there is some whack job with his Second Amendment Rights in hand who sees Hitler everywhere he looks.

Is anyone interested in buying a brown shirt with the Trump slogan and a Native American logo on it in black, red and white?

However, I have a greater fear. I fear that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Nominee.

On the way to skiing one day I was listening to NPR when a commentator asked a political expert if Hillary had to fear Bernie. As he was going on and on about how a socialist didn't stand a chance, I pulled into a parking space at Okemo. "... Hillary has to fear only one man, James Comey the FBI Director when he hints of an email indictment after the convention ..."

October Surprise 2016 my mind races forward and back. James Comey a Republican appointed by a naive President Obama who believed in his first term bipartisanship would heal the wounds of the nation. It hadn't sunken in yet "blame the black kid" for the wars and economic meltdown. Senator McConnell's message days after the election "We'll make sure he's a one term president." The Kentucky KKK senator didn't count on Romney putting his foot in his mouth in Boca Raton or Hurricane Sandy demonstrating the difference in leadership between Georgie who broke the windows and Barry who got the blame. So here we are today.

Republican's again backing a TV star to bring back Death Valley Days by rescinding the Iran nuclear deal and alienating every law abiding Muslim because there are a few whack jobs using a perversion of a peaceful religion to get teenagers to blow themselves and innocents up. Why are there no sixty year old suicide bombers? They are in the back room counting the money.

Is it just me, or does it seem the Republicans are going easy on Hillary? I can't help but think how much they want to run against her. The "they" I refer to is the establishment as well shown by the establishment media making light of Bernie's victory in N.H., saying he's from the neighboring state and doesn't stand a chance in the south. If the south had it's way we'd still have slavery.

Enough for today — I repeat what I said in the summer of 2014. Although I shall vote for her holding my nose if she is the nominee "Hillary can't win." On Nov. 8, I'd like to vote for someone, not against someone. Sanders for President.

Dean Lynch, Westminster West, Feb. 16


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