Letter: Vote for Vincent Rice

Vote for Vincent Rice

Editor of the Reformer:

Every year we hear politicians state the obvious; Lower taxes, easier access to government, and an overall assurance that our best interests are being protected.

With that in mind I note that Vincent Rice of Wilmington has opted to run for a position on the Wilmington Selectboard. Vinny is not making those promises that we hear each electoral season but is offering to serve his hometown while applying the expertise he has acquired while serving on the Wilmington Planning Commission and overseeing two businesses that he has operated in the area for many years. His roots are deeply engrained in Wilmington and he has always been a contributor to the well being of his community. The Rice family involvement goes back generations and Vinny views his commitment to service much like his ancestors. He has the background and knowledge to make the informed decisions with an eye on the town's future. He understands how government operates and is excited to accept the challenge to participate on the Selectboard level.

Please let your vote count on March 1st. Vote for Vincent Rice. If you cannot make it to the polls on the 1st please call the Town Clerk's office and obtain an absentee ballot. Make your voice count!!!

Jennifer Fitzgerald Wilmington, Feb. 23


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