Letter: We can do more

We can do more

Letter to the Editor:

A great many of us watch and listen to the unfolding refuge crisis from the comfort of our homes and feel the urge and need to help in some way.

It is a situation with such massive proportions that is way beyond our imaginations and is almost impossible to comprehend. As people of faith, many of us ask each other what can we do to help? I have heard that the greater Burlington area is preparing to take in a group of refugees.

It was with a great deal of respect that I read that the mayor of Rutland, Chris Louras, was laying the groundwork to host a group of Syrians to be resettled in his city and area. This is the kind of leadership and moral fiber we need to see and emulate. These works of charity and kindness coupled with lots of hard work, are some of the essential ways we as humans can respond. As a country of people with such immense wealth and so many freedoms, we should do nothing less. I hope there are more areas in Vermont where this heart wrenching situation is embraced with fearless and thoughtful action like Rutland. The mayor needs to be commended for his foresight and action.

Nancy Miller, Brattleboro, May 5


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