Letter: We oppose the pipeline

We oppose the pipeline

Editor of the Reformer:

On Saturday, March 12, after six hours of school and town meetings I decided to risk my life by asking our remaining Chesterfield, N.H., residents to consider one last issue. They were receptive, thank goodness.

I asked them if they would support, in spirit, our neighboring Cheshire County communities (Winchester, Richmond, Troy, Fitzwilliam and Rindge) that are being threatened by Kinder Morgan's proposal to build a pipeline to transport fracked gas from Pennsylvania, through New York, to Massachusetts, up to New Hampshire then back down to Massachusetts. Each of those towns is fighting passionately to stop this pipeline. Our Conservation Commission has already put in writing its support.

A spirited debate ensued and I reminded those in attendance that this was not a referendum on our continued reliance on fossil fuels and the process of using chemicals and massive amounts of precious water to extract the gas (fracking), but solely a show of support for our neighbors. A few more comments were made, including one reminding us of the use of eminent domain to take land for the pipeline, and the debate ended. I asked our town moderator to allow a vote and happily, proudly, and almost unanimously, the town of Chesterfield voted to show their support of their neighbors fight against the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Thank you town of Chesterfield.

Jeffrey Scott, Spofford, March 18


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