Letter: Weigh the facts, then decide

Weigh the facts, then decide

Editor of the Reformer:

Bonnie DePino's letter, ("Cast a vote for liberty," Sept. 14), let her passion blind her to a key fact, especially on the out-of-state money front. The NRA lobbyist opposing the 2015 gun reform in Montpelier admitted he'd come in from New Jersey and was bankrolled by a deep-pocketed national organization. Talk about having egg on your face, and not even locally sourced eggs. State lawmakers saw through this ruse and voted on the bill's merits, and S.141 passed by a wide margin. As a result, felons and violent domestic abusers are finally prohibited by a state law from having firearms.

While I welcome the thoughts of Bonnie DePino and folks of all opinions to share their views here and elsewhere, it makes sense to keep legislators in office — like David Deen and Mike Mrowicki — who weigh every fact with a cool head and then decide.

Bob Williamson Gun Sense Vermont Board Member South Woodstock, Sept. 17


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