Letter: What next for Bernie?

What next for Bernie?

Editor of the Reformer:

Think big, Bernie. You should abandon the un-democratic Democratic Party and continue the revolution forming the Democratic Socialist Party. Once it has only five senate seats and 30 house seats, the democratic socialists could be the deciding vote on immigration, Supreme Court nominees, gun control, foreign policy, the budget, trade, and Wall Street regulation — all of the issues that face to country today and into the future. Work to get independents elected at all levels of government, local state and federal.

By forming a viable third party you will provide the opportunity of choice for generations to come. A third party will restore balance to government by brokering common sense deals between the two major parties. Bernie, you could be much more powerful as a power broker than as president. You will have veto power as strong as the president's and the ability to win this platform of Vermont values: Balanced budgets; equality for all people; the freedom to own guns for hunting, sport and recreation; a higher minimum wage for all low wage workers — republicans and democrats alike; responsible law enforcement, policing, and correction policies; Medicare for all. Or as an alternative, a truly affordable government option for health insurance; the goal of free college tuition for two year degrees; a higher gas tax used only to fix our roads and bridges; clean energy and responsible fossil fuel use and production; a balanced foreign policy where war is an option, but only the very last option; and support for our troops when they come home, and always when they need us.

Douglas Friant, South Londonderry, June 11


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