Letter: Windham County cows are the most productive

Windham County cows are the most productive

Editor of the Reformer:

Windham County dairy farms are the most productive in Vermont: $4,138 average annual raw milk sales per cow (2014). Windsor County dairy farms are the least productive: $3,220 per cow.

Un-mentioned at the recent dairy forum in Brattleboro, this fundamental insight is derived from "Milk Matters: The Role of Dairy in Vermont," available gratis at this forum, published by the Vermont Dairy Promotion Council.

Four local dairy farmers among the audience were not asked why Windham County dairying is so productive and what would enhance productivity. Instead, representatives of various agricultural and economic-development organizations, one dairy farmer among them, told us what they do. Addison, Franklin and Orleans Counties, by the way, produce 68 percent of Vermont raw milk sales from 51 percent of Vermont dairy farms.

Howard Fairman, Putney, Sept. 20


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