Letter: Wohl's performance was 'spell-binding'

Wohl's performance was 'spell-binding'

Editor of the Reformer:

I believe last Saturday I had the unique opportunity to enjoy if not a whole new performance paradigm then one so rare and unique that it deserves special recognition.

I'm speaking of "Laudate, A Singing Circus," by soprano and aerialist Elizabeth Wohl, backed up by pianist David Corlew, violinist Lissa Schneckenberger and bassist Corey DiMario.

The entire performance was spell-binding. We all know we are lucky to have the New England Center for Circus Arts here in Brattleboro. Many of us have seen the students and professionals, including Wohl, perform on the aerial silks. Many of us, too, have enjoyed hearing her sing both informally in the Brooks House atrium and as a soloist in such things as the Messiah around Christmas time.

But to combine the two disciplines boggles the mind.

Imagine the skill and practice it takes to sing well, to maintain your breath and so forth standing on a stage. And then try to guess what it must be like doing the same thing while hanging in mid air with the silk wrapped around you.

But Wohl nailed it.

The audience, while clearly enjoying the performance, was a little confused about when to applaud. In an aerial act, you often applaud after the performer completes a particular maneuver. But you don't do that when the performer is still singing. But we figured it out after a few pieces when Wohl made a gesture of thanks to her musicians.

I can only hope that Wohl's next such adventure gets better pre-publicity and a larger venue.

George Carvill, West Brattleboro, Aug. 31


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