Letter: Your support is deplorable

Your support is deplorable

Editor of the Reformer:

Hillary Clinton recently got into trouble for saying that half of Donald Trump's supporters were deplorable. The Trump idiots, in the meantime, are proudly sporting their "deplorable" buttons and other paraphernalia. Of course, the media jumped all over Hillary for saying what she did. This despite the constant endless torrent of dreck that spews forth from Trump's pie hole, while the media stand by and say, "Oh, that's just Trump being Trump."

But Hillary apologized for her comment. She says she should not have said that half of Trump supporters are deplorable. On this point I must disagree with Hillary. You see, in my opinion, Hillary was only half right. To support a race-baiting, lying, bigoted, no-nothing, xenophobic, sociopath con-man is nothing less than deplorable.

Bob Fagelson, Brattleboro, Sept. 20


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