Letters from Ms. Rosenberg’s Class

Tuesday April 9, 2013

Editor of the Reformer:

I strongly believe, that animal cruelty is a global problem. I believe that some people think that humans are more important than animals. But, if you think of it from my perspective, animals are living things too, and they deserve to be treated more kindly. Think of this: "If you were an animal, you wouldn’t want to be abused or neglected."

I’m trying to persuade people, to help stop animal cruelty. Animals across the U.S are being abused, neglected, or are being used in a lab. Here is a way people could help this cause, people could, donate some money to help cure animals that have been abused or have been neglected.

The ASPCA says: " Most people who abuse animals don’t do it on purpose. They hurt animals because they don’t know or realize what they are doing. Some people will try to keep their pets under control by using cruel discipline." I personally think that you can be nice to them so they will learn to behave instead of using violence. The last thing is that The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention mentions that "There is a connection for some people who abuse and hurt animals who then go on and kill humans." This means that there is a connection to people who abuse and kill humans and they are very violent.

In 2012, The ASPCA said "About 1.5 million animals in 2012 were used in research." I think that is way too many animals that were used in labs. This is what can happen to them and how they are being treated. One thing is that cosmetic companies often drop the cosmetic into animal’s eyes, to see if it bothers their eyes, so they can know if it’s safe for humans. Another thing is that, people give animals sicknesses and then give them medicine to see if it works. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you if you were an animal.

The ASPCA also states that "Approximately five to seven million animals every year enter shelters nationwide." That’s because either they were a stray, abused, their owners didn’t want them, or the owners didn’t care about them and forgot all about them. Some shelters after a certain amount of time put the animals down if they don’t get adopted.

In 46 States, they have a felony charge for abusing animals. Secondhand smoke can have an affect on animals too such as cats. Cats can get some certain kind of cancer from second hand smoke.

Some people might say that people matter more and that animals aren’t important. Well if you were an animal you wouldn’t want to be treated cruelly. Animals are living things too and they deserve to be treated better. Some say, that animal abuse doesn’t happen a lot, but actually, 58 billion animals die every year worldwide. That’s about fifty billion more animals dying, than people living in the world. People ask: How will we use products if we don’t test it? Well, researchers could try to find a way to minimize the pain and distress for animals that are tested on.

If you are someone, who is cruel to animals, think about if you and your pet switched lives, think about how you would feel, as an animal, who’s being treated cruelly. I think, people could really help this cause. You could donate money at the Windham County Humane Society or the ASPCA to help animals in need. Animals need your help, and you can change their lives. People have the power to help take a stand for what you believe in. I believe that this is a major problem. I think this a problem because helpless animals across the world are dying. And you can help.

Melina Leristis Editor of the Reformer:

As a concerned student, I believe that too many people are suffering from anorexia and bulimia. I know that these eating disorders can cause many health problems. Thousands of teens develop an eating disorder in America each year. Many girls think that being skinny like a skeleton is attractive. They starve themselves until they cause harm to themselves. I am a girl and I’m 12 and I see beautiful girls on advertisements that are always skinny and tall but in real life not all girls are tall and skinny. People are beautiful no matter how we look.

Too many people are suffering from bulimia and anorexia. People try to control their weight to get skinny by doing harm to themselves, like starving themselves and making themselves throw up. When you make yourself throw up right after you eat something it is called bulimia. Starving yourself is called anorexia. People do these things to control their weight to shape their body. Eighty percent of 13 year olds have attempted to lose weight. An estimated to 10 to 15 percent of people with anorexia or bulimia are males. Each year millions of people in the U.S develop serious and sometimes life threatening eating disorders. The majority of those affected with eating disorders, more than 90 percent, are adolescents and young adult women.

Eating disorders can lead to many health problems. One of the top problems is damage to vital organs such as heart and brain by starvation, which means that it can lead to death. It is very hard to stop making yourself throw up when you are bulimic. If you throw up a lot, you lose nutrition that you eat. Also your teeth can rot, cheeks can swell, blood vessels can pop and people can even gain weight. Anorexia is kind of the same as bulimia except instead you eat less food and try to starve yourself. Anorexia also causes fine hair all over the body, mood swings, weakness and slowed thinking.

My concerns about this is that if you starve yourself and make yourself throw up just to be skinny, everybody would be the same. My other concern is that they would be unhealthy. I wrote this essay to warn people. If you’re one of those people who wants to be skinny, you can still be skinny; it’s just that you don’t have to starve yourself and make yourself throw up. You can go on a healthier diet that doesn’t includes starving yourself and making yourself throw up. You’ll be healthier and happier.

If someone is already suffering from an eating disorder they can get help. There are support groups that have experience with teenagers and eating disorders. They can have counseling. There are many things that can help with eating disorders. You can call the National Eating Disorder Association at 1-800-931-2237. I believe that you can be skinny or fat or whatever you want and be happy with yourself without starving or making yourself throw up.

Pooja Meyer

Editor of the Reformer:

Teen drug abuse is now a huge problem in the U.S. I believe that we need more organizations and rehabilitation centers for those who use illegal substances. The parents should also be addressed about the use of drugs among teens. My dad, who is a high school principal, sees firsthand what teen drug abuse is and often deals with situations regarding drugs. He tells me of teens wasting away and of tragic endings and what drugs cause. I strongly believe that teens’ use of drugs has a huge influence on the younger generation and encourages younger children to get involved with illegal substances. This is the wrong message to send to the youth of 2013.

As a concerned citizen, I think that more drug rehabs will cut down on the use of illegal drugs. Parents should be more aware of drugs and be able to supervise the teen community in the U.S and watch out for drug use. Drugs are a very big problem at the moment, even in my own community I hear of teens involved and pressured to do drugs.

As I collected my data ,I noticed that most high schoolers are the ones involved with drugs. According to teen-drug-abuse.org, "6.5 percent of 8th graders, 17 percent 10th graders and 22 percent of 12th graders have used drugs." This shows that only 78 percent of 12th graders are clean. In my findings I found out that "10th and 12th graders have increased their consumption of marijuana from 14.2 percent in 2007 to 18.8 percent in 2012," as written on teendrugfact.org. This means that the use of marijuana has increased a whopping 4.6 percent.

According to teendrugfact.org, "12th graders illegal drug use in 2012 (this does not include prescription drugs): Marijuana/Hashish -- 36.4 percent, Synthetic -- 11.3 percent Hallucinogens -- 4.8 percent, Salvia -- 4.4 percent, MDMA (ecstasy) -- 3.8 percent, Inhalants -- 2.9 percent, Cocaine (any form) -- 2.7 percent." This just proves that teen drug use is a serious problem and should stop.

I realize that some people may not agree with my statements. Some may say that the parents should have more control of their kids and should know what they’re doing. Only sometimes the parents don’t know what is going on. Others might say that teens are just being crazy. I have to disagree with this statement and say that, at first they could have just been experimenting, but if they carried on with the drugs they are probably now addicted and cannot stop. People, after reading this, may say that it’s the teen’s personal right to do drugs. I know that it’s their right but I think that it is not OK to watch people harm themselves and maybe others.

What I hope to get out of this letter is more rehabilitation centers for recovering teens. I also think the government should make more laws around drug dealing. I also hope the adult community will inform the youth of the dangers of drugs. After reading this I hope you realize the dangers of drugs. Teen abuse is a huge problem and should be stopped.

Elizabeth Day

Editor’s Note: More letters to come!


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