Letters: Misinformation about marijuana

Misinformation about marijuana

Editor of the Reformer:

It makes me laugh every time I read about all the confusion about legalizing marijuana.

First of all it is not a drug, so people should stop calling it a drug, we only refer to it as a drug because that is what the elite(government) decided to classify it as, for their own agenda.

Marijuana is an herb, and a harmless herb at that, in fact in can be a very beneficial herb.

I say this to the politicians that are against legalization of marijuana, you should stop and think about something.

Marijuana has never been proven to harm anyone, it has never caused any deaths or even sickness leading to death, but you think it's harmful, why?

Yet every single one of these politicians feed their children and themselves animal products every single day, many times a day.

They also feed them processed foods and table sugar and sugary drinks, and most of them drink alcohol themselves.

We all know all of these things are directly responsible for all of our health problems, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity etc, and end up killing us. But this is alright?

The only reason we think marijuana is dangerous is because of a tainted test the elite(government) did on chimpanzees. They were suppose to pump one joint per day to each chimp for 30 days, via a mask setup.

But what they actually did was pumped 30 joints into the chimps in 7 in a half hours, via the mask.

Then they said it killed brain cells, lol, what killed the brain cells was the lack of oxygen over those 7 in a half hours, not the marijuana smoke, they weren't getting enough oxygen.

If you really are in this for the health of our children, and adults too, then you should be outlawing the consumption of ALL animal products and processed food, and sugary drinks, and of course alcohol.

You really need to take a few hours a week out of your busy schedules and educate yourself on health and nutrition and what our human bodies are designed to consume.

Derek Doucette Dummerston, Nov. 24


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