Letters: Unfair depiction of BUHS students

Unfair depiction of BUHS students

Editor of the Reformer;

I am writing in response to comments made by Olivia Krzeminski and quoted in the recent article, "Windham County Legislative Breakfast Weighs Risks of Legalizing Pot" by Maddi Shaw. I feel Olivia's statements were an unjust depiction of the students and staff of Brattleboro Union High School. She gives readers the impression that she is the only person concerned while the entire BUHS student body smoke pot in the halls and staff members look the other way.

Her first quote was an unfair generalization about the students, "At my school it's kind of common culture that everyone at my school does drugs," said Brattleboro Union High School Sophomore, Olivia Krzeminski. This is simply not true. As another sophomore student at BUHS, I know the majority of students do not use drugs. They are involved in sports, academics, arts and community service, not in some sort of prevalent drug culture. Ms Krezminski also said that some of her fellow students have a hard time believing that she has never used drugs. "It's weird to feel like the odd one out if you have not done drugs." I am not sure why she feels this way since there are many of us who do not use drugs. Some students may feel compelled to say they've tried marijuana in a false attempt to appear "cool" but the majority of the student body have other concerns.

In her final comment, Krezminski said she feels that BUHS faculty and her peers do not address drug use with as much concern as she would like to see. "Everyone thinks it's normal and okay, and I'm over here being really worried for everyone and no one else really seems to have that reaction." Nothing could be further from the truth. Our faculty and staff show tremendous concern for the students. If approached by a student with specific questions, the staff acts immediately to address the issue. Not only do we have teachers, but counselors, administrators and nurses who are willing to help anyone in need. The moment a student is believed to be under the influence of any substance, action is taken by staff. Rather than put herself in a position of judgement and condescension, Ms. Krzeminski might consider checking her facts, avoiding generalizations and working with others to make our school an even better place to learn.

Molly Durling Dummerston, Nov. 24


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