Letters: Your thanks


Editor of the Reformer:

The Brattleboro Figure Skating Club would like to thank the following businesses and people for their generous contributions that made our December Calendar Raffle a great success! We appreciate their support!

Exit One Village Pizza, Rose Dumaine, Meghan O'Hearn of Thirty-One Bags, Terrie Dumaine, Pam Kampitisis, Elliot Street Fish, Chips & More, Stacey Babb Tarot Card Reading, Andrea Conkling, Lacroix Handbags & Pillows, Twelve Pine Gourmet Marketplace, Steve & Deb Chickering, Sam's Outdoor Outfitters, The Marina Restaurant, Pamela's Pantry, Toadstool Bookshops, Aesop's Table, Margaret Shipman Jewelry, The Dumaine House Bed & Breakfast, Stop & Go Instant Oil Change, The Home Depot, Ramunto's Brick Oven Pizza, JC Penney, Subway, Panera Bread, and Swanzey T-Bird.


Roxane Lacroix, Treasurer Brattleboro Figure Skating Club

Editor of the Reformer:

Thank you for your Health section article "Ask Doctor K, Children at risk from old paint." It's important that parents understand that lead paint is poison, especially to children under the age of six. It's also important to know that children do not have to "lick the paint" or eat paint chips in order to get poisoned. Children are most commonly poisoned through typical hand-to-mouth behavior. As they explore the world through touch and taste, lead dust present on their hands and their toys gets into their bodies, putting them at risk for learning disabilities, ADHD, slowed growth and hearing problems.

There are often no outward symptoms of lead poisoning. The only way to know if your child is poisoned is to get a blood test. The state of Vermont requires testing of all one and two year olds, but some are slipping through the cracks. I encourage parents to ask your physician if a test was done.

Traditional renovation practices can spread large amounts of dust. If you are planning a project in a home built before 1978 make sure that you hire contractors certified under the federal Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP). If you are planning a Do-It-Yourself project, consider attending a free Vermont certification course that will outline some important lead safe work practices before you begin.

Lead Safe & Healthy Homes, a program of Parks Place Community Resource Center, works with contractors, landlords and families in Windham County to protect children from the devastating effects of lead poisoning. For questions or to schedule a free in-home lead dust testing call 802-463-9927 or email michelle@parksplacevt.org. You can also get more information online through the Vermont Department of Health at healthvermont.gov or the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board at leadsafevermont.org.

Michelle Pong Program Director Lead Safe & Healthy Homes

Editor of the Reformer:

The Community Development Action Team of the West Brattleboro Association would like to thank all who contributed to our January 13th (first ever!) BizUp event. We had a lively and fun time and plan to do it again in the future. (April 19th, to be exact.)

John McPherson of Berkley-Veller, property manager at 55 Marlboro Road, was greatly generous to let us use the conference room there (as he has in the past for other WBA events). We want to thank Adam Silver and the others at Cai's Dim Sum for cooking some delicious dumplings. Jessica Daley Kull of the Vermont Country Deli Market supported us by letting people pick up poster boards at the market. Janet Picard at the Chelsea Royal Diner provided some of their delicious vanilla ice cream, and Christian Stromberg of Saxtons River Distillery donated a bottle of their maple liqueur as a great topping. Lauren MacArthur of Whetstone Ciderworks provided some tasty cider. Monkey Moon Bakery, in the person of Chelsa Roy, brought some excellent pastries. Last but not at all least, Jennifer Betit-Engel and Christian Engel of West B Social came with various sized beer growlers. (We're hoping to be seeing more of Jennifer and Christian in the future!)

The evening proved an excellent get-to-know-you atmosphere, facilitated by Erin Maile O'Keefe of the Human Connection Project (and new WBA board member). This created a basis for productive networking now and into the future. We expect this group to expand as word gets out. Access www.facebook.com/westbrattleboro to keep up with new news. he next meeting has been tentatively set for Tuesday, April 19th at 6:30.

Michael Bosworth West Brattleboro, Feb. 3

Editor of the Reformer:

On January 21, as I was waling in a parking lot near Canal Street, I was hit by a car. Strangers quickly befriended me. I felt very blessed, surrounded by concerned people who stayed with me until Rescue and the police arrived. One lady even produced a blanket to keep me warm. Heartfelt thanks to all who helped.


Barbara H. St. John Brattleboro, Feb. 4


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