Letters: Your thanks


Editor of the Reformer:

The Vernon Free Library Trustees and staff would like to thank everyone who graciously donated a wide variety of perennials and annuals for our first plant sale. We also would like to thank those who attended the sale and supported the library with their generous donations towards the plants, baked goods, silent auction and raffle. Many thanks to Nancy Renaud for contributing the wonderful miniature gardens for the silent auction. Congratulations to Sue Clarke of Brattleboro who won raffle for the Master Gardener Consultation! More information about future fundraising events coming soon!

Dawn Petrovsky Vernon Free Library Trustee, Secretary, June 8

Editor of the Reformer:

The Guilford Historical Society wishes to express its gratitude for all the pies, baked goods, plants and donations that made our May 21 annual Plant and Bake Sale such a huge success. It takes many helpers to mark the plants and baked goods; to lug the plants in and out from the donors' and customers' vehicles; to run the cash box; attend planning meetings; make dozens of phone calls; and put up the tents and later take them down. Grateful is our word for all this help.

We can't forget to mention how much fun we have seeing our friends and neighbors and how much we appreciate people like Doug Richmond, the owner of Richmond's Garage, for allowing us to use such a convenient location for the sale. We also appreciate the Guilford Volunteer Fire Department for allowing us the use of their tables.

So we are offering our special thank you to all of you – and especially to our customers! As George Ellison wrote, "How Beautiful a Day Can Be when Kindness Touches It."

The Guilford Historical Society, June 9

Editor of the Reformer:

Dear Oak Grove School: As the daily intensity of our nine-year relationship draws to a close, I reflect on how grateful I am for what it has been. It began when our family moved to your neighborhood almost a decade ago. We requested you as our school, primarily due to your proximity, yet also heard praise of you being a "gem" and often gone under appreciated.

Our first child was just entering kindergarten, and it gave me great comfort to have the school within sight as she began her venture into full day schooling. Needless to say, at every chance of being involved in the early years, I was! You made it easy. You have always welcomed and encouraged family involvement, and from that, you have become our, and many others extended family. Every Wednesday, you faithfully open your doors and arms to your students, teachers, families and the community at School Sing. You bring us together to sing, dance, laugh, support and share. For me, it's rare to leave you with a dry eye. (A multi-generational gathering singing the "Vermont State Song", "Red Red Robin" or "We Shall Overcome", gets me every time!). We had no idea how much more than an exceptional education you would offer our children and our family. Our children, and their peers have grown together, supporting each other along the way, as successful, respectful, compassionate, caring, responsible students and leaders. This has now carried into the middle school and other parts of their lives. You have helped to foster strong relationships for us all; working, learning and growing together as neighbors and a community. In addition to carefully instructed academics, creatively taught classes in the arts, physical education, foreign language, you have offered your students many opportunities to partake in activities such as student council, farm to school, winter sports, chorus, drama, band, environmental and fitness clubs, Leadership and Mapleleaf writing programs, even juggling!...to name a few. You have supported and given countless opportunities for all of your students, allowing and accepting the variety of interests, many pull of directions, special needs and varying learning styles.

Despite being the smallest of our town's public elementary schools, you have kept true to your exceptionally mighty heart and soul. Your heart and soul has been built and tended with care; kept healthy and strong by your wonderfully passionate teachers, committed families, dedicated paras, faithful friends, hard working administrators, caring staff, devoted school board, loving and understanding neighbors, supportive community, and of course, the shining stars; your students!! While we have the option of many private schools in our area, we are grateful that our public schools remain vibrant and exceptional; so very essential to the well-being of our town.

While saying goodbye is tough, we already know the capable hands we are in now at BAMS, and onto BUHS. We cannot thank you enough for your gift of education, but most of all for your love and care in presenting it to our and our community's children.

Thank you Oak Grove School.

Lauren Yohe von Krusenstiern Brattleboro, June 12

Editor of The Reformer:

Thank you to all of the Guest Chefs that volunteered to help the Brattleboro Senior Meals program continue to serve fresh cooked meals during our head chef's vacation. Recognition goes to Shana McConnell, Tyler McKay, from The Vermont Country Deli; Marc Tessitore from Guilford Country Store; Nikki Peruzzi from Whetstone Station and Bo Foard from The Porch who volunteered their time to cook in our kitchen each preparing 100-120 Meals for Meals on Wheels and Congregate Dining. Special thanks to Tracey John from The Vermont Country Deli who recruited volunteers, coordinated and arranged the scheduling during the week. A shout out goes to Jon Julian from Top of the Hill Grill, Steve Donovan, Varee Sankgasoot, and Ruth Tilghman for filling in the following week. Your help is much appreciated. We couldn't do it without your help!

Chris McAvoy Executive Director Brattleboro Senior Meals, June 16

Editor of the Reformer:

As the Newfane CafĂ© and Creamery building is being demolished, we're reminded of the tragic fire. Newfane Anew Community Volunteers (NACV) undertook raising funds to help the victims. We are thankful to those whose hearts went out to the victims displaced on March 2nd and to those who dug into their pockets to help in a concrete financial way. Through the Go Fund Me website and generous, given directly to NACV, we raised $12,822.28. A total of $12,596.00 has been distributed; the initial distribution was given to sixteen people: the building and business owners and the displaced employees. Two of those affected asked not to be included in the last distribution; therefore, only fourteen people received the second distribution. The Go Fund Me account has been closed out, and the final distribution of the remaining $226.28 will be made by the end of June. Recipients of the funds have shared their gratitude—one saying, "I was able to replace my equipment." A second said, "The money allowed me to make a generous contribution to NewBrook Fire Department." NACV again wants to thank all of you who generously contributed and made a difference.

Gloria Cristelli NACV Director June 17, 2016

Editor of the Reformer:

Recently, in my walks around downtown Brattleboro, I have been impressed by the beautiful summer flowers in the planters and hanging baskets around town. There seem to be even more planters than usual this year and the colors are so vibrant!

I understand that Dick de Gray and the Downtown Alliance is responsible, so, many thanks to them for making visits to downtown so pleasing visually.

Judy Davidson Brattleboro, June 25

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