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Editor of the Reformer:

We wish to thank the town of Brattleboro, and Town Manager Peter Elwell in particular, for recently adding wording to town permits that encourages consideration for people with disabilities. While new stores, restaurants and buildings are required by the ADA to be accessible on various levels, the town is now also reminding festival organizers that they too can make their events accessible for people who use wheelchairs, walkers, strollers and others who have special needs. If you would like to learn more about making your building or event disability friendly, please contact the Brattleboro Town ADA committee or email: inclusioncenter2013@gmail.com.

J. Tamler, G. Beninson and K Chicoine Inclusion Center Brattleboro, April 26

Editor of the Reformer:

A thank you to all the people during our time of the loss of our mother, Yvonne H. Jillson, who passed away on Feb. 16, 2016 in Florida. Thank you for all the cards, calls and those who attended the service on Saturday. We would also like to thank the Whitingham LBS for providing refreshments after the services. It helped to share stories and thoughts of our mom.

Once again, thank you. It was very touching.

Carl Jillson Whitingham Jean Davies Ann Butterfield, Wilmington, April 28

Editor of the Reformer:

We relish the early signs of Spring in this area, robins,crocuses to name a few. One indicator for myself, and a number of others was Jose' Cordero in his motored cart, sitting in front of the Samuel Elliott Apartments in downtown Brattleboro. He would greet you with a smile, and depending on the day would engage you in sunny conversation, or take an opportunity to just get things off his chest, and either way always entertaining.

In the late seventies and early eighties you could view Jose' leaning out of his apartment window observing the pulse of Main street. He also worked at Walkers Restaurant and during his break you could find him out front leaning against the building taking in the moment, always in his starched white apron. He eventually moved into the S.E. Apartments and again he was often in view on his upper floor balcony enjoying the view.

As time went on Jose's Muscular Dystrophy progressed, and for safety code reasons was moved to the ground level, toward the back of the apartment complex. This is when during the warmer months Jose' became a marvelous Elliot St. fixture, sitting out front enjoying the Sun, and visiting. He was gregarious often using rye humor, with sometimes cankerously bold expression. He did (however) at times lift his metaphorical veil, and allow his thoughtful often touchingly intuitive side to reveal itself.

Years ago when he was on Main street I came by to visit, to my surprise and delight he shared with me his high school year book. Viewing his Senior photos for the first time I really came to realize the full impact of his Muscular Dystrophy. I always found his face handsome, upon seeing him as a young teenager he not only possessed an athlete's body but with the amazing stature of a Greek God.....stunning was an understatement! I exclaimed in awe what an incredible specimen he was, and acknowledged what a major adjustment he must of had to go through! In one of those special times he lifted his veil of protection, and with humility, and the dignity of a King, elegantly expressed his choice to live his life, regardless, with the fortitude, and passion he so innately possessed.

Toward the end of this last Winter he kept coming to my mind, and it occurred to me more that once to drop by his place. Inaccurately I concluded that the warmer days would soon be here again, and as with tradition I would find him at his spot on 117 Elliot street, holding court, and as usual, with dignity and passion intact!

My special thanks and gratitude to all Joseph's care givers and friends that attended to him in recent years. I especially want to acknowledge both Kate Theriault, and Karen Cribari who were able to see him to the other side.

Thank you Joseph for being you, and being a friend to myself, and many others. May you rest in PEACE!

Terry Carter Brattleboro, May 2

Editor of the Reformer:

I would like to thank all the people who helped get me to hospitals on March 30: The fire department in Putney, Rescue Inc. twice, Brattleboro Hospital and Dartmouth-Hitchcock for their excellent care. Thank you all.

Elizabeth Franklin Putney, April 4

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