L&G Players presents Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Night’


TOWNSHEND -- The Leland and Gray Players close their 18th season with Shakespeare’s rollicking romantic comedy, "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" on May 15-17 in the Dutton Gymnasium on the Leland & Gray campus, Route 30.

"A Midsummer Night’s Dream" is Shakespeare’s playful look at the mechanics and short-circuiting of love. The Players production is set in the early 19th century, the Romantic period, and its incidental music is drawn from Playford’s 17th century dances arranged by Leland & Gray music faculty member Tom Walters and the production’s assistant director, Addie Mahdavi ‘14. Instrumentalists include Carl Judd-Wright ‘15, Fraser Query ‘14, Ethan Abbott ‘19, Kayla Williams ‘14, Genevieve Darling ‘14, and Sam Dutton ‘15, as well as Walters and Mahdavi.

The cast of primarily middle and high school students includes Alexa Litchfield as Puck; Zoe Soule as Hermia; Madison Cannella, Helena; Nathaniel van Osdol, Lysander; Tino Benson, Demetrius; Gabrel Vanni-Phillips, Oberon; Nicole Winot, Titania; Jesse Cannella, Bottom; Sean Kiziltan, Theseus; Mehram Zain, Hippolyta; Patrick Hauer, Egeus; Evan Reilly, Philostrate; Aiden McCormick, Theseus’ attendant, and the "mechanicals’: Rebekah Winot, Adam Culver, Sam Thibault, Arik Clark, and Patrick Hauer; sprites Adam Culver and Vinnie Ferrizzi joined by Christian Cannella, Nicolas Tolbert and Andrew Tolbert from Jamaica Elementary. The cast is rounded out by fairies played and sung by Julia Barton, Oly Gurik, Fairen Stark, Sarah Anderson, Mehram Zain, Natalie Cullen, Yachne Nilges and Rebekah Winot and, from Newbrook Elementary, Sylvia Stark and Veronica Stevens.

Tino Benson is graphic and costume designer; Madison Cannella is scene designer; Grant Cullen and Sage Hall run sound; Nate Laning and Stephen Scott run lights with Nastia Stevens, Kenny Cashman and Anna-Cate Harrison. Oly Gurik has created signs, and parent Dale Stevens is tech assistant. Numerous adults have helped including Tim Soule, Rob Cramp, Mitch Cashman, Kim Soule, Bonnie Cramp, Kristina Barker, Cheryl Cullen and Vera Gervais.

Running crew captain is Genevieve Darling, with Olivia Reilly, Jacob Bush, Kayla Williams, Fraser Query and Rachel Spence as crew. Costumier and production assistant is Abby Wicker ‘02; assistant director is Addie Mahdavi.

The production is full of belly-laughs, spectral surprises and poignant moments of ill-fired romance.

Performances are Thursday, May 15 at 7 p.m.; Friday, May 16, at 7:30 p.m., and Saturday, May 17, at 3 and 7:30.

Admission is $6 for adults; $4 for students. Group rates are available. For more information, e-mail verbatim@svcable.net.


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