Life hack: Remove soap scum from shower curtain


Remove soap scum from shower curtain

Life Hack: Use vinegar and hot water to clean a shower curtain

How it works: Soap residue, sweat, dirt — it all ends up sticking to my shower curtain and is enough to drive me up the shower wall. One remedy I heard of involved hot water and vinegar, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

How it actually worked: I put my once pure-white shower curtain in a bucket I filled half-full with the hottest water from the faucet. Then, I filled it nearly to the brim with vinegar and gave it a stir with a large spoon and let it all sit for about 30 minutes.

Life changing?: I came back from watching "Golden Girls" to find my shower curtain wasn't as sparkling as I wanted, so I folded it up a different way and let it soak for another 15 minutes. I followed up with a quick rinse with more hot water. This worked really well and my shower curtain looked almost new. I'd recommend soaking the very bottom of the curtain longer than the rest because that's the part that sits in the tub the most.

— Ed Damon, Berkshire Eagle Staff


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