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What has to happen to get people motivated to do something? Often we wait until something really deeply personally affects us before we leap into action. I’m not judging mind you, I’m only stating fact. Now, we’re not all like that, but by and large it’s how humans exist -- in the moment if you will. A really good example would be a fire. We see on the news on a daily basis how people often get burned out of their homes; it’s always a sad realization for us but we continue to do whatever it is were doing. But if a fire burned down our neighbor’s house, then my guess is we’d spring into action and help. Again, not a judgment, more a function of human nature.

But overall complacency rules the day. We watch our TVs on a daily basis in utter disbelief and disgust while shrugging our shoulders and saying, "Well, what I can do? I’m just one person." I know speaking just on my own behalf that it’s true, because honestly, some of the things we witness are daunting. Seriously, how do you stop a war? It takes you and a few million of your closest friends to take to the streets -- and then you gotta keep marching; you can’t stop. It’s exhausting and a ton of work, but if you want to stop the atrocities that you witness then it will take a huge amount of dedication.

I had the opportunity the other night to have three conversations with three distinctly different people but, oddly, the conversation was for the most part the same. The conversations all circulated around doing good, leading with nice, forgetting the talking points that are regurgitated on a daily basis and thinking for ourselves. If you lead with nice or good thoughts then, honestly, we could probably eliminate half of what’s happening. But for some reason we don’t. I’m not really sure why that is when truthfully it’s easier.

But if global issues are too big for you to tackle then you can always just keep it local. If you can begin to change things in your own community then it’s gotta bleed out beyond the borders -- right? Quick example: Tomorrow on 100.3 FM and AM 1490, WKVT will be hosting a community forum about Brattleboro’s recent crime and heroin problem. If I were to ask 100 people on the street the question "Do you want heroin being sold in your town?" my guess is I would be hard pressed to find a yes. Yet the problem exists, it’s here and it impacts us all negatively so why not drive it straight out of town? Well, easier said than done I guess, and where would you start? So WKVT took it upon themselves to come up with a conversation that will be aired for all to hear between 9 a.m. and noon tomorrow that hopes to provide the answers that pester us all -- "What can we do about it?"

Now I get it, not everyone has access to a radio station ... or do you? I promise you, if you have 25 to 50 people involved in solving an issue, a radio station or some form of local media would be hard-pressed not to give you the time you need. In other words, if you build it they will come. So how will you start? Where will you start? If you want to start with Brattleboro’s heroin situation, then tomorrow at the Brooks Memorial Library, 9 a.m., is a good place to start. If it’s any other problem, then you’ll need to do a little research, increase your numbers and hit it.

Truth is, the solutions are all around us, we just need to take the time to seek them out. What the hell is up with that?

Fish is the morning talent on Classic Hits 92.7 FM. He also offers up his opinion on-line at www.whatda E-mail him at fish@wk


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