Lozito lights up Terriers on pitch

Tuesday October 2, 2012

BELLOWS FALLS -- Twin Valley’s Colin Lozito had his highest scoring game of his season, racking up two goals in each half, to help give the Wildcats boys varsity soccer team a 6-0 victory over the Terriers, Monday afternoon on the school’s lower field.

"It was a good comeback game for us," said Lozito, who took a rest on the bench along with teammate Dal Nesbitt to cool down, as the final minutes of the game wrapped up. "I do my best to set up our plays, and everyone was on today."

In the team’s previous matchup, Twin Valley fell to Springfield, their only loss of the season.

After a few valiant attempts, Lozito came down the left sideline to boot in his first goal with 15:77 on the clock to make it 3-0.

His next one followed soon after (8:07), after he kicked the ball in from the outside and it ricocheted off a Terrier into the net.

Accurate passing, effective communication, and a series of well-placed crosses and kicks anchored Twin Valley early in the game, as Bellows Falls rushed to contain them.

"We did what we had to do today," said Wildcat coach Buddy Hayford. "Almost every pass out there had a purpose. The players hit their marks. No team likes to chase the ball around, but that’s what we made them do."

On the Wildcats’ first push downfield, Morrow Bernard kicked it out of traffic into the net, nine minutes into play.

Nesbitt got right to work wearing down the Terriers’ Zachary Brooks, taking a series of shots on the keeper and forcing him into the mud to block.

"We had good possession," said Nesbitt. "Our midfield triangle was strong. I feel like our team currently has some of the fastest players out there."

After some effort, Nesbitt put the Wildcats’ second goal away unassisted at the 26:00 mark, after dribbling through a handful of defenders and stretching low to graze it by the goalie.

The "midfield triangle" Nesbitt spoke of, consists of he, Lozito, and Tony Tarr.

"You need to control the midfield," said Hayford as his players piled onto the bus. "In this game, the strength all comes from the center."

Lozito’s hat trick came early in the second half as he went around a white wall to hook his shot low into the bottom left corner of the net.

The team’s final goal came after Nilson tossed it in from the sideline to Lozito, for his fourth.

The Wildcats took well over a dozen shots on goal during the first half, and nearly as many in the second, controlling the game from start to finish.

"On the whole, we did pretty good," said forward Nick Nilson, who had two assists. "Our diagonal passing worked for us today, but I think it could have been better. It’s something we’ll work on at practice."

Brooks came out of the net on a late play which almost gave Twin Valley yet another opportunity.

"They’re a tough team; very skilled," said Bellows Falls coach Robert Brooks. "We’re young, so if we end up down a few goals, it just shows our inexperience. But they didn’t slow down and hustled for every ball."

Coach Brooks keeps a team journal and takes notes throughout the game. He said it should become an invaluable tool in future games and seasons as he builds the team up.

"When we play teams like this, it hurts in the moment," he said. "But what we are learning today or tomorrow, should pay off in the longrun."

Twin Valley soars to 7-1 and will host Windsor on Thursday at 6 p.m. The Terriers will play at Woodstock on Wednesday at 4 p.m.

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