Main Street light out of commission for up to two weeks


BRATTLEBORO -- The traffic light at Main Street and High Street has been placed on flash mode until further notice.

This is due to a supplementary traffic light pole being struck by a truck on Tuesday at about 1 p.m., causing considerable damage. Parts are on order, but the light will remain flashing until the parts come in and the light is fixed. That could take up to two weeks, said Steve Barrett, director of Brattleboro's Department of Public Works.

"The tractor trailer was longer than a standard truck and the driver had come up Main Street and was taking a left-hand turn onto High Street when the rear end of the box took out the pole," he said, adding the Brattleboro Police Department is in the process of investigating the incident.

The light pole the truck damaged was the pole that supported the no-right-hand-turn sign as seen from High Street that is activated when the crosswalk signal is activated, he said.

"When there is a disconnect in the system or a malfunction, the light automatically defaults into flash mode," said Barrett. Though the stop light could be wired up to operate while the department waits on the parts, said Barrett, the intersection would no longer be compliant with safety code because there would be nothing telling drivers not to turn right while a pedestrian was in a crosswalk.

He said as far as the costs for parts and labor are concerned, the town will be filing an insurance claim with the insurance carrier of the driver of the truck.

Until all repairs are made, the High Street traffic light will flash red and the Main Street light will flash yellow. Barrett said all drivers and pedestrians should practice caution and courtesy when approaching or navigating through the interseciton.

"Be considerate," he said. "Look out for pedestrians and if traffic starts to back up on High Street, let some cars out from time to time."

Barrett also recommended that drivers find alternate routes if they don't want to deal with the intersection.

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