Man being held without bail after firing gun


BRATTLEBORO -- A man is being held without bail after being accused of firing a gun at another man at Moore Court on Sunday, Sept. 15.

According to court documents, Reginald Derisme (also spelled Derisne in other court documents), 24, of Brattleboro, was driven to Moore Court by a friend where he confronted a man he called a "rapist."

"(The victim's) back was facing a playground, behind the playground there is an embankment, and behind the embankment sits Green Street School," noted Brattleboro Police Department Erik Johnson. "(The victim) stated that Derisme told him he was going to ‘kill him,' and (the victim's) reply was, ‘I'm going to take that gun away from you.'"

Derisme then pulled the slide back on what appeared to be a 9 mm handgun, pulled the trigger and shot in the direction of the victim's chest.

A witness to the incident told police he saw the victim "checking himself over, as if he was looking for a wound."

The victim told police he thought the gun might have been loaded with blanks, because he believed if it had been loaded with real bullets, he would have been shot.

After Derisme fired the weapon, he fled from the scene in his friend's car, leaving his friend behind. He was stopped a short time later and denied to police that he was at Moore Court, however he said he had heard a couple of months ago that a hotel manager's daughter had been raped by someone who lived there.

Derisme also told police he had "no possession of a gun" and had taken two "nips" of vodka earlier in the day. During a sobriety test, his blood alcohol content registered .161, double the legal limit.

Following Derisme's arrest, his friend told police that they were together in the car when they went to Moore Court.

Police conducted a search of the area, but no firearm was found.

When asked why he was called a rapist by Derisme, the victim told police "Because of other things that happened."

In late August, Derisme was charged with two counts of domestic assault, both against the owner of the car in which he rode to Moore Court. He also has a pending disorderly conduct charge from July. According to court documents, Derisme has pending charges in Connecticut for criminal impersonation and felony possession of marijuana. In 2012, he was charged in New York State with criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of marijuana.

As a result of the incident at Moore Court, Derisme was charged in Windham Superior Court Criminal Division with one count of aggravated assault with a weapon, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, simple assault by menace, reckless endangerment, driving under the influence, giving false information to police, and two counts of violation of conditions of release.

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