Man charged with felony trespass in Dummerston

Friday July 5, 2013

BRATTLEBORO -- A local man faces a felony trespass charge after he allegedly walked into a woman's home, drank a beer, argued with her and disconnected her phone when she called 911.

The victim's statement also says Seth D. Carrasquillo told her "I wish you would die" while wearing a knife on each hip.

Carrasquillo, 35, was arraigned this week in Windham Superior Court Criminal Division and was released pending disposition of the charges. Conditions of his release include no alcohol consumption, no firearms possession and no contact with the victim.

Vermont State Police Sgt. Michael Sorensen wrote that he and Trooper Genevra Cushman were dispatched just before 10 a.m. April 22 to the victim's Dummerston home.

They found Carrasquillo "standing in the kitchen area of the residence drinking a beer."

Carrasquillo, who is identified in court documents as a resident of both Brattleboro and Chesterfield, N.H., told police that he had traveled to the Dummerston residence to locate tires for his truck but could not find them.

He acknowledged entering the home and arguing with the victim, court documents say.

The woman told police she had "told Seth to leave about 100 times" before the troopers arrived.

A test at the scene showed that Carrasquillo's blood-alcohol level was 0.190, a court affidavit says. That's more than twice the state's legal limit for drivers.

Sorensen said he later received court papers showing that Carrasquillo had no legal right to be in the residence.

The victim subsequently submitted a written statement saying that Carrasquillo had approached her while screaming.

"I got up to walk away and he abruptly blocked my path, stood toe-to-toe, so close that I could smell the alcohol on his breath," she wrote, according to the court affidavit. "He puffed his chest in my space and face and screamed at me that he wished I would die, that he hoped I would be homeless."

Carrasquillo also "went to the refrigerator, quickly drank and finished two beers, followed me around as I attempted to get away from him and I called 911," the statement says.

But as the victim was beginning to speak with an emergency dispatcher, Carrasquillo "disconnected my phone, thereby severing my only means of contact for help," the victim told police.

Her statement also said Carrasquillo had a switchblade and a Swiss Army knife and told the victim that "he had planted a gun in my house."

The victim said there was an unopened, 40-ounce can of beer in Carrasquillo's truck.

In addition to the felony unlawful trespass charge, Carrasquillo also faces a misdemeanor count of interference with access to emergency services for allegedly disconnecting the victim's phone.

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