Market Basket workers defy return to work order, then hold largest rally yet


TEWKSBURY -- As losses continue to mount and the boycott continues, thousands showed up at Market Basket in Stadium Plaza for the fourth major rally to bring back former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas.

Organizers are hoping for 15,000 people to turnout for the rally, which would be the largest yet.

The rally follows a Monday deadline the board of directors set for employees to return that work. Most workers appeared to have defied that order.

"Artie loves you more than my words could ever express," said Dave McLean, a former assistant director of operations, as he addressed the crowd. He then started a chant of "We love Artie T."

McLean said when the board of directors denied Demoulas's offer to return on Sunday, they said no to 25,000 customers, 2 million shoppers, numerous suppliers and many others in the distribution chain.

"It always has been and will continue to be about the people," said Joe Schmidt, a former operations supervisor.


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