Missing teen's mom just wants to hold him again

Tuesday September 6, 2011

BRATTLEBORO -- A local teen is still missing after nine days of searching.

Friends and family are still hopeful that they can find 17-year-old Marble Arvidson safe and sound, but each hour that goes by without a lead adds stress and fear.

His mother, Sigrid Arvidson, said all she wants to do is embrace him and let him know that life is terrible without him.

"We know he's hurting, scared. We know he wants to be found," she said. "I so want to embrace him but until I can all we can do is embrace him with good thoughts, kindness and hope."

A mobile command center was setup in the parking lot of the Chelsea Royal Dinner over the weekend as groups of volunteers were orchestrated into search parties in and around Marble's last known location.

Marble's aunt, Command Sgt. Maj. Trish Kittredge, was given leave on short notice by the Massachusetts Army National Guard to lead the organized searches.

Using maps to chart the locations already searched is essential to ensure no place he may possibly be is overlooked or searched twice, she said.

"We're looking for the path of least resistance," Kittredge said. "The first couple of days were focused on getting information about Marble out to people. As leads failed to come back we began searching closest to his home and then along any trails he may have taken."

On Aug. 27, Marble was seen by a roommate letting an unknown male into the house sometime after 1 p.m.

He's described as tall, lanky and athletic. He was last seen leaving his home along Marlboro Road in West Brattleboro possibly wearing black slacks, a long-sleeve black shirt, black shoes and a dark hat.

Later that afternoon a note was found indicating that Marble was going out and would be back sometime around 2:15 p.m., that day -- a few hours before he was supposed to meet his girlfriend.

Marble's mother said if anyone had hurt him, she's already forgiven them and that she's just waiting for someone brave enough to come forward.

"I know as his mom, anyone who may know anything about him is still carrying some horribleness," she said.

Local searches will continue through Sept. 11, Kittredge said.

"Unless I have some credible information to look somewhere else we're going to continue searching locally," she said. "After this weekend if he's still not found we'll re-evaluate."

Kittredge said she's been working closely with the Brattleboro Police trying to locate any clue as to where Marble may have gone or been taken.

Det. Paul Beebe said police agencies are still actively looking for Arvidson and are still treating his disappearance as a missing persons case.

"He's not a runaway," Beebe said. "He's a missing person and we're actively investigating every avenue we can."

On Monday, groups of volunteers brought ATVs to drive through as many trails as possible between West Brattleboro and Marlboro, near where Marble lived.

Bruce Williams said he and two other volunteers rode through the forested area and checked a local junkyard.

"We looked in every culvert, in and around every downed tree and stopped at every footprint and cigarette butt we saw but to no avail," he said.

Williams, who joined the search party after learning of it through Facebook, said he knows Marble will be found.

"This town is too small. There has to be someone who saw something," he said.

Two friends of Marble's mother, Lauren Harris and Matt McNamara, spent the weekend searching for him.

"We've put on a lot of miles with no leads," Harris said.

The two of them were joined by Tom Heavner as they searched several abandoned buildings near the Connecticut River in Brattleboro. They too, found no new leads.

Kittredge didn't seem surprised that all they discovered was where a lot of people decided to squat.

"When we're doing searches in town it's the hope that he's just hiding out with a friend," Kittredge said. "When we're doing searches in the woods ... we're looking for a body."

Kittredge said information boxes have been setup at various locations around Brattleboro for anyone to put in an anonymous tip about Marble's location. Missing posters with his picture and a description of what he looks like and what they believe he was wearing have been put up in most of Windham County, and parts of southwestern New Hampshire, she said.

Volunteers who wish to help in the search are asked to meet with Kittredge at the command center in the parking lot of the Chelsea Royal Diner.

Anyone with information about Marble Arvidson is urged to contact the Brattleboro Police at 802-257-7946.

Josh Stilts can be reached at jstilts@reformer.com, or 802-254-2311 ext. 273.


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