Monadnock Speedway


WINCHESTER, N.H. -- Todd Patnode of Richmond, N.H., swept the Sportsman Modified races at Monadnock Speedway on Saturday night. Winning in the other divisions were: Tom Carey III (Super Stocks), Cameron Sontag (Mini Stocks), Kyle Boniface (Lightning Stocks) and Cole Littlewood (Young Guns).

The Triple Crown Series will be the feature at the Winchester, N.H., speedway on Saturday. Also taking the track will be Sportsman Modifieds, Pro 4 Modifieds, Super Stocks, Mini Stocks, Lightning Stocks, Thunder Stocks, and the Young Guns. The admission fees are: $15 for adults, $10 for seniors, $5 for ages 13-18 and free for ages 12 and under. Racing will begin at 6 p.m.

The Mudbog Mudslinger Series will be the headliner on Sunday, with action beginning at noon. The admission prices will be the same as on Saturday, except that adults will get in for $10 instead of $15.

Among the area drivers that compete at Monadnock Speedway are: Alyssa Rivera of Bellows Falls, Putney’s Dana Shepard, Hillary Renaud of Vernon, and Brattleboro’s Dick Houle.


Sportsman Modifieds

1. Todd Patnode Richmond, N.H. 236

2. Bill Kimball Bennington, N.H. 214

3. Brian Chapin Palmer, Mass. 196

T4. Keith Carzello Somers, Conn. 186

T4. Scott MacMichael Newbury, N.H. 186

6. Steve Fifield S. Deerfield, Mass. 182

7. Adam Norton Ludlow, Mass. 176

8. Joe Kendall Winchendon, Mass. 172

9. Eric LeClair Easthampton, Mass. 168

10. Tyler Jarvenpaa Orange, Mass. 158

Super Stocks

1. Tom Carey III New Salem, Mass. 248

2. Bill Johnston Athol, Mass. 224

3. Dave Striebel Hinsdale, Mass. 216

4. Tyler Leary Hatfield, Mass. 206

T5. John Lavoie Hancock, N.H. 188

T5. Nancy Muni-Ruot Harwinton, Conn. 188

T7. Alyssa Rivera Bellows Falls, Vt. 186

T7. Tyler Lescord Ascutney, Vt. 186

9. James Thompson Dublin, N.H. 178

10. Ian MacDonald Bradford, N.H. 134

Mini Stocks

1. Mike Stebbins Winchester, N.H. 240

2. Chris McTaggart Swanzey, N.H. 222

3. Beth Adams N. Swanzy, N.H. 210

4. Cameron Sontag Sterling, Mass. 200

5. Julia Raymond Winchester, N.H. 192

6. Justin Faford Westminster, Mass. 186

7. Joe Rogers Ludlow, Vt. 180

8. Eric Pomasko Peterborough, N.H. 176

T9. Dana Shepard Putney, Vt. 172

T9. Joel Monahan Whately, Mass. 172

Lightning Stocks

1. Kyle Boniface Winchester, N.H. 198

2. Tim O’Shea Northfield, Mass. 182

3. Chris Davis Winchester, N.H. 178

T4. Matt Somerville Searsburg, Vt. 150

T4. Eric Silvernale Winchester, N.H. 150

6. Hillary Renaud Vernon, Vt. 128

7. CJ Johnson Keene, N.H. 96

8. Tim Paquette Bennington, N.H. 90

9. Dick Houle Brattleboro, Vt. 88

10. Pat Houle Vernon, Vt. 84

Thunder Stocks

1. Henry Martin Belchertown, Mass. 178

2. Marshall Usher Palmer, Mass. 172

3. Paul Barnard Montague, Mass. 170

4. Jason Barden Dublin, N.H. 168

5. Tyler Janovsky Jacksonville, Vt. 160

6. Craig Chaffee Keene, N.H. 146

7. Dave Greenslit Claremont, N.H. 142

8. Caleb Cashman Marlborough, N.H. 126

9. James Nowakowski Ware, Mass. 104

10. Doug Guy Temple, N.H. 100

Young Guns

Mike McGoldrick Leyden, Mass. 1 win

Daniel Wesson Monson, Mass. 1 win

Michelle Leh Montague, Mass. 1 win

Chris Lawrence Winchester, N.H. 1 win

Cole Littlewood Orange, Mass. 1 win


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