Namaya’s peace art to be exhibited at SIT


BRATTLEBORO -- World Learning: School for International Training hosts the "Inevitability of Peace" sculpture and the "100 Flowers of Peace" banners by the artist-poet Namaya and the B4 Peace Team. These will be on display from May 13 to June 6. On Tuesday, May 13, at noon, there will be an opening ceremony in front of the Graduate building at the SIT campus in Black Mountain Road. The ceremony is free and open to all.

"Inevitability of Peace" is a 9-foot steel pyramid with a 300-pound block of ice and inside is a peace wreath. This block of ice is suspended from chains, and beneath the block of ice is a small candle. Over a period of several days the candle and ambient temperature melts the block of ice. Beneath the block of ice is a large black pool with the words, "Inevitability of Peace."

Surrounding the Inevitability of Peace pyramid are the banners of 100 Flowers of Peace now translated into more than 100 languages. Videos of the projects can be found at

Namaya explains, "These peace projects are part of the larger design of the ‘Pornography of War,’ - a multi-year, multi-discipline project that takes place around the world, and engages communities to reflect on social issues like human rights, militarism and war and its impact on society."

The B4 Peace team recently was in residence at Villa Grimaldi, Peace Park in Santiago, Chile, creating a human rights art and performance project this past winter. Namaya, in collaboration with local choreographers and performers created "Memoria. Hablar. Dignidad. 40," a performance to celebrate human rights.

On July 6, the B4 Peace team will be in Burlington on the waterfront with Veterans for Peace conducting a "Cost of War" Art project that engages the community to consider the impact of war and militarism in society. Namaya and the B4 Peace team create performance art that celebrates peace. More information is available at and, a not-for profit organization that supports peace and community building.

Namaya is a poet, artist, multimedia performer who has performed in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and throughout the U.S. He is a Vietnam era veteran, and a life-long peace activist.

Zoe Kopp,, president of GRACE Cares, is life-long peace activist and advocate for women’s and community rights.


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