NH AG: Walpole police shooting justified

N.H. AG releases report By DOMENIC POLI Reformer Staff WALPOLE, N.H. - The New Hampshire Attorney General on Wednesday released a report justifying the fatal force used by authorities on a man who robbed a store in Bellows Falls last month.

The report details the armed robbery and police chase that resulted in the shooting death of the suspect, Larry Bohannon, 51, on Friday, March 29.

According to the report, Officer Cameron Prior, on duty with the Alstead Police Department, followed the reported get-away vehicle to Upper Walpole Road. Once the chase ended, Bohannon ignored commands to put his hands in the air and eventually pulled a black handgun out from under a blanket or jacket and appeared to be readying to fire it.

The report states Prior fired six shots into Bohannon's body after he failed to respond to the officer's demands to stop manipulating with the gun.


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