No stress in addressing the weekend storm for Windham County


BRATTLEBORO — Some were hoping for a big winter storm this weekend, but according to an Accuweather meteorologist, his staff is not certain that is true.

"Right now, if we're going to see snow, we're most likely to see a coating of two inches, that's the most likely possibility at this time," said Accuweather meteorologist, Evan Duffey.

According to Duffey, the majority of snowfall is headed toward Washington D.C., high points in Virginia and some areas in southern New England. At most, Duffey says southern Vermont may land six inches of snow, but even that is "unlikely."

This may come as a disappointment to winter enthusiasts as they may go another week of winter without significant accumulation compared to previous years. Duffey said that on average, between Nov. 1 and Jan. 18 Albany, N.Y., has had 26.9 inches of snow, but this year there has been 5.5 inches between those dates. Amidst the same dates, Worcester, Mass., on average sees 27 inches, but has had 8.6 inches this year. Typically Concord, N.H., sees 27.8 inches, but this year the city has had exactly one foot.

Despite the clear disparity between average snowfall to this season, Duffey and his staff at Accuweather have reason to believe that winter will make its true appearance later on in the season.

"It's hard to make up a deficit like this, but we believe it's not going to stay this quiet all winter," said Duffey. He added that southern Vermont should see the average amount of accumulation toward at least the tail end of the season.

Steve Barrett, the Brattleboro Public Works Director, has similar feelings that this winter may still bring about some heavy accumulation at the end of January as well as the coming months of February and March.

"I think the winter so far has been lighter, if you will, more forgiving than last winter," said Barrett. "Every winter is a little different, you can't really calibrate the winter until you've gone through the season, but still have some months left of winter."

Barrett noted that if the Brattleboro area receives Duffey's predicted two inches of snow accumulation this weekend, it will not be a challenge for his plowing team. However, he adds that if that accumulation turns into two inches of ice, then that situation may question the ease of achieving dry road conditions.

Despite what the weather may bring, Barrett says the department is attentive to updates and will be ready to execute the appropriate procedure.

"We always have someone on call, we watch the weather and the radar every day," said Barrett. "With today's technology we don't get a lot of surprises and we're prepared for this weekend."

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