On the elections and our future

Friday November 9, 2012

As I write this, it's voting day. Thank you to those who turned out to vote for me. I am certain that my name or platform could not be shared widely enough to have any chance at upsetting the incumbent. I saw the incumbent acting without honor when it came to the debates, where he and the republican both cowered behind the repetition "It's not my debate," as if, as Commander in Chief, he would have no pull to command inclusive and open democratic debate. I also saw that press in Burlington, despite knowledge of significant numbers of people who wanted representation for the very policies in my platform, act to censor it. That is why after today, there will not be any elected authority who will oppose the F-35's; or who will understand the damage of large scale wind utilities and support smaller safer applications of wind for renewable energy; or who will have cannabis grown for profit and healing; or who will actually increase the health of Vermonters or increase the actual amount of public money in circulation.

There were a couple of exceptions, my local press -- the Reformer and The Commons and the Newport Daily express -- these people made actual real efforts to help the public have complete awareness of their full options. I am thankful for them. I saw Bernie Sanders bar my voice at his "town meetings" and saw his audacity to have a victory party before the vote. It must be a hollow victory, to win without honor. Moreover, winning, in the future is going to have to mean that the community grows stronger and the authority of central government recedes. I am standing with the majority of Vermont, who want money out of politics, who don't want leadership defined by how well a candidate can scare people into emptying their pocketbook to get him/her elected, or by the favoritism that results. So even after this election the people of Vermont are still in need of honest and true direction, leadership with integrity, for the good of all. To these people reading, I will illuminate the future path that will provide our safest passage through these next two years. Sandy and her relatives will be encouraging numbers of people to move to Vermont, as happened with 9/11 and Katrina.

One of our most important tasks then, is to create food security. To that end, let us take a bill that was passed in New Mexico regarding sustainable test communities (see the YouTube film "Garbage Warrior"), and earnestly set about to alter the practice of foreclosure of small farms. Instead put these properties into common, keeping farmers on site where they will, and encouraging small enclaves of new strength to till the earth for natural food, and engage in small anumal husbandry. These special Vermonters will prove for the rest of us how to accomplish zero waste lifestyles, with zero electric lines, zero water and sewage lines, all while providing food for Vermont's needs. We will invite those who want to live in accordance with the harmony of Earth, who will help provide for our food security, as we give them security of a home. I am personally keen to see larger yurt-shaped structures made out of hemp shiv and lime, built on tire foundations for these communities. These structures will avoid the worst of Sandy's relatives by their shape. They will not burn down, or mold, by the lime, and will hardly need heating at all, by their composition. They will describe the most reasonable purpose for growing industrial hemp regardless of Federal ignorance. I begin right away to develop the proposal and to pull together the persons of good standing and position to manifest this urgent response to our predicament.

I thank all of you who have supported me in your prayer, your actions and your understanding that my political purpose is solely to help the good of all shine forth against a backdrop of serious corruption.

Emily Peyton writes from Putney, and is calling herself an Independent candidate for governor in 2014.


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