Parker-Houghton, Quinn win handicapped races


BRATTLEBORO >> Hailey Richards, Nancy Johnston, Morgen Parker-Houghton and Daniel Quinn were the winners of the final Fun Run races on Wednesday night on Upper Dummerston Road.

"We would like to thank all of the families and athletes who came out to have fun and run with us this summer. We appreciate Shane Covey (Sports Editor) and the Brattleboro Reformer for timely and consistent coverage of these free community runs," wrote Red Clover Fun Run Race Directors Gary and Chris Montgomery.

The 2.4-mile trail run and the three-mile road race were each handicapped, meaning the faster runners gave their competition a head start based on past times. Parker-Houghton, who is just 9-years-old, started fifth and went on to win the three-miler in 32:47.

"Morgen just started running races this summer. He said he felt like he was flying at the end of the race and he was. He had a lot of kick left as he crossed the finish line. He ran his best time for the three mile," said his mother, Cynthia Parker-Houghton. "He almost didn't run because he was so tired at the end of his school day. He had really been looking forward to this last run and with some encouragement he showed up and ran a steady pace through cramps which had stopped him two weeks earlier."

Houghton-Parker was followed by runner-up Linda O'Donnell (32:50), Lester Humphreys (33:12), Serge Pouliot (33:16), Geri Walton (33:37), Tabitha Weeks (33:40), Bob Lance (33:45), Steve McCarthy (33:54), Dan Edson (34:07), Chuck Adams (34:15), Shane Covey (34:27), Robert Lind (35:04), Gunnar Caldwell (35:08), Conor O'Donnell (35:15), Tony Blofson (35:19), Doug McCrae (35:33) and Scott Hamm (35:40).

The order of finish for the handicapped 2.4-mile trail run looks like this: Quinn (33:55), Meg Paugh (34:09), Lu Neuse (34:16), Josh Dillingham (34:56) and Stan Kolpa (36:21).

Hailey Richards was clocked in 9:08 and prevailed in the one-mile race. Tammy Richards (9:18), Cynthia Parker-Houghton (9:38) and Ryder Garvey (14:04) rounded out the field.

Competing in the two-miler were champion Nancy Johnston (15:26), Jamie Garvey (19:10), Ellen Garvey (19:11), Leo Schiff (19:27) and Paul Love (29:49).

The end of the season raffle winners were Leo Schiff and Silas Wickenden.


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