Pettee Memorial Library gets new roof


WILMINGTON -- Over the past few weeks, the entire roof at the library has been replaced.

"It's just about done," said Pettee Memorial Library Trustee Louis Clark. "I think there's some finishing touches, but it looks great."

The work began in the middle of September. Issues with the roof had been brought to the attention of Wilmington Town Manager Scott Murphy last year during budget season.

A new roof was needed because there had sometimes been leakage during rainfall. The library trustees agreed that they should put out a bid for a completely new slate roof.

So far, the trustees are pleased with the work done by Doxsee Roofing, a roofing company out of Bennington, said Clark.

The project ultimately will cost between $68,000 and $70,000. Besides replacing the roof, the chimney had to be re-pointed to fit in with the new slate.

"Since we're doing the roofing, the chimney mortar was getting a little old," said Clark.

There also is a hole in the ceiling in the main room that will be addressed once the roof is completely finished. Currently, the library trustees have a request for bids out for that project.

"We're not sure what needs to be done but that will need to be done in the near future," said Clark. He estimated that the repair will cost around $5,000.

The trustees believe the roof had allowed water to leak through the ceiling, so they opted to replace the roof first.

"We're waiting for the roof to be completed to make sure there was no water coming in through there," said Clark. "Last time people looked, there was no water. So hopefully, that will be taken care of soon."

Clark said funding for the roof and other repairs will not come out of the library's annual operating budget. There were endowment and reserve funds that will be utilized for the repairs. The town will then replenish those funds over a few years, Clark said.

In other library news, Clark said it's ongoing programs for children have been very successful. These include reading workshops and other activities the library sponsors, which are held inside and outside of the building.

"We had grant money come in that allowed us to expand the children's programs. We hope that will be an ongoing thing," said Clark.

He told the Reformer that the trustees were in the process of having fiber optics installed. They will be discussing how to take advantage of that at future meetings.

"That will really allows us to expand our Internet based programs and what not," said Clark.

He mentioned the possibility of offering online courses through the library.

Clark also added that the trustees have been very pleased with Allison Smith, the new librarian who was hired this year.

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