Priorities addressed in Halifax

Tuesday April 9, 2013

HALIFAX -- The Selectboard has made plans to address a few prioritized items during the upcoming months.

One of the biggest projects the board has on its hands is the Old County North Bridge.

"Originally, we thought we would just need to replace the decking and the guardrails," said Selectboard Chairwoman Edee Edwards. "But (the engineering firm’s) analysis has suggested that we probably need to replace the super structure underneath the bridge."

On April 2, the board talked to a representative from the engineering firm Holden Engineering and Surveying Inc. Since the project has been given funding through state grants, the board plans to write a letter to District 2 of the Agency of Transportation asking for an extension, which the engineering firm recommended.

"It’s been longer in duration than anticipated and the cost is going to be more," said Edwards."

The board then went on to discuss a dump truck, which has been slated for replacement.

"We need to get a cabin chassis," said Edwards. "Then we are intending to take salvaged parts from the truck where the cabin chassis was burned and take the dump body and other parts to try to reuse on the new cabin chassis."

During one of the first nights of snowfall in the winter, a dump truck had caught fire and the Halifax Selectboard had to scramble to get bids to replace it in a timely fashion. The board is planning to look at the bids from that process.

The board ended up getting a replacement truck, which came just in time for another heavy snowfall.

Now, the board will focus on replacing the other dump truck.

"We will need additional parts and we will need old parts to put on the newer body," said Edwards.

Halifax Road Commissioner Brad Rafus has agreed to look at the previous bids then talk with the companies.

"We were really looking for things that were on the lot," said Edwards.

She told the Reformer that the board will have to go through the bidding process again, but whether it will have to go for additional parts and put together the truck, or whether the bid will go out for a full new bid on the cabin chassis, is unknown for now.

The Selectboard wanted to see what had already been reported as available by the companies during the previous bid.

Another priority, which is in the board’s scope, is repairing the town garage. The roof is a concern.

Selectboard members looked some documents from when the garage was built.

"There are some concerns on how it was put together. That it was not the correct way," said Edwards.

The board is going to see if the construction company can be requested to fix the roof in any way or receive additional funding for the repair.

Selectboard member Earl Holtz is going to research the matter and if need be, the board will speak with the town attorney.

The board will also be staying on top of making sure it is involved in the ambulance service process that is currently occurring because of the eventual dissolvement of the Whitingham Ambulance Service Inc.

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