Projects move forward in Jamaica

Friday July 5, 2013

JAMAICA -- Since completing a project that entailed putting new sidewalks in along Main Street, the Selectboard has begun tackling other projects in town.

Engineering bids for a project on Pike Falls Road were received by the board. This Federal Emergency Management Agency project includes creating a design for replacing a culvert.

On June 28, Bell Engineering was awarded the project. SVE was the only other company that sent the town a bid. Bell Engineering, out of Chesterfield, N.H., will also be designing projects for the Old Cheney Road Bridge as well as Sage Hill Bridge in Jamaica.

The Selectboard was previously addressed by the Jamaica Town Hall Committee about replacing the outdated water system at Town Hall. The board will be deciding whether or not to move forward on drilling a well to replace the spring that is currently on site.

"It's not drinkable," said Selectboard Chairwoman Lexa Clark. "In the summer, when there's not a lot of rain, the spring kind of dries up, so there's not a lot of water."

The Town Hall Committee had requested that the board check out the costs of a drilled well for the building.

As of June 30, there had been two bids sent to Steve Clark, who volunteered at a Selectboard meeting earlier in June to assist in the project. He had said he would inquire about the cost from three different well drillers.

"As soon as we get the third, we'll have it for the next meeting. We'll be able to share with the rest of the board and see what happens from there," said Lexa Clark.

After a Selectboard meeting on June 10, she had told the Reformer that the board would receive estimates first, then decide what to do.

The Stratton Fund had denied the Town Hall Committee funding for this project. Clark said donations for the Town Hall are welcome.

On July 8, the Selectboard will look at the estimates and decide what, if any, action to take.

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