Public Service Board OKs Rt 9 cell tower


MARLBORO -- The Public Service Board has approved the petition for a new cell tower AT&T wants to build off of Route 9, on Snow Mountain near Hamilton Road.

The PSB issued its certificate of public good for the 120-foot tower, which AT&T Spokesman Will Keyser said is an important part of the company's push to improve cell and broadband service across Route 9 from Brattleboro to Bennington.

Route 9 has been identified as target corridor by the state due to its poor cell and broadband service.

"We are pleased to have this site approved as it is an important part of AT&T's ongoing commitment to expanding and improving our service in Vermont," Keyser said. "If all goes according to plan, we expect this site to be operational by late 2015.

AT&T plans to build the tower, which will support 12 panel antennas, along with an equipment shelter within a 50-by-50-foot fence.

The project will be built on a 33-acre parcel owned by CMR Developments, LLC.

There will also be a diesel generator on the site.

The company will also have to improve the existing road and construct a new access road.

The tower will be about 1,500 feet from Route 9, and it supposed to interconnect with towers in Brattleboro and Wilmington.

The company said the new tower will enable it to extend 4G service.

The town supported the Snow Mountain tower.

Planning Commission Chairman Matt Tell said the original plan called for a 140-foot tower and the town asked AT&T to build a shorter tower to protect the viewshed.

"I was pleasantly impressed by how receptive the company was to our input," Tell said. "The infrastructure is already there and the town does support this project."

The PSB determined that surrounding vegetation and topography will minimize the visual impact of the tower.

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