Putney Select Board questions how to deal with tire pile


PUTNEY >> A pile of 300 to 600 tires have collected on the ground over the years off of Old Route 5, and now the members of the Select Board are scratching their heads about what to do with it.

According to the Select Board some cars and motorcycles from the 1960s have been found among the pile and some tires have been found in the stream. Select Board member Scott Henry guessed that perhaps the pile began around the 1940s. Several complainants have addressed the issue to the Select Board, but according to Town Manager Cynthia Stoddard, when they brought the matter to Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, its representatives did not seem concerned.

"The last time I talked to the state, there wasn't really a lot of interest in looking at it," said Stoddard.

The Select Board and Highway Superintendent Brian Harlow went back and forth about how to remove the pile. Part of the issue is the tires have collected on a bank, and are covered in dirt. A company has offered to gather them for $130 per ton, but said it would like them to have "as little dirt as possible," which Select Board members felt might be a challenge.

"That's the problem, two-thirds of those things are buried; that's going to be a mess getting them," said Chairman Joshua Laughlin.

Harlow suggested getting rid of the loose tires on the surface, and the Select Board added that they will add signage and possible surveillance to prevent further tire disposal.

Tires do not leach into the water table, which is why there has been less urgency from the state to take action, according to Stoddard. She believes that if they now mention that some of the tires are actually in water, it may be a bigger issue.

"I'm sure that pile has been multiplying every year significantly," said Laughlin.

Stoddard said she will be following up with the state to see if a cleanup is necessary or how to handle it.

In Other Business

The Select Board accepted a bid for a dump truck bid through Patriot Motors for the truck and Viking Auto Repair for the body. The board also accepted a bid from A. S. Stewart Clark & Sons for the Hickory Ridge Bridge Constrction, which would be a four-to-six week project beginning in either September or October, according to Stoddard. The reroute will be through Black Locust Road.

The Select Board reappointed Tom Goddard as Town Health Officer and added Blanch Cody to the Conservation Committee.

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