Rain causes hillslide at bridge construction site

Wednesday July 3, 2013

HALIFAX -- There was a slight delay in the Hale Road Bridge project, when a hillslide caused some trouble for Renaud Brothers.

On June 24, Selectboard member Earl Holtz reported to the rest of the board about the damage that the rain water had done a few days before the board's emergency meeting. The meeting itself was held so the Selectboard could sign a check for a payment order that was missing at its regular meeting, but Holtz informed the board of this issue.

"One of the banks slid down and ruined some of the work," he said.

This caused Renaud Brothers to have to go back and repair some of the work it had completed. Holtz thought the Renaud Brothers had been back on schedule shortly after the hillslide, which happened during the night when no one was working at the site.

Holtz told the Reformer he saw some of the workers in the pit clearing out the water and re-starting forms for the bridge. They were using pumps to keep anymore rain out of the pits.

"They're working pretty good," said Holtz. "I think by now, they have the south side wall done. I'm glad the guys weren't working that night."

He said the damage wouldn't cost the town extra money and the timeline for construction wouldn't be too affected by it. Renaud Brothers had to start a week late due to the rain so it put the workers a day or two behind.

Renaud Brothers has 45 days to complete the project. It should be finished by October.

"This water is just unbelievable. This should happen in April or May. Not July," said Holtz.

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