Reeds celebrate 60th Anniversary with Vow Renewal Ceremony on June 21


MARLBORO -- On the front porch of a home they have owned for nearly their entire marriage, Robert Hugh Reed and Jane Scott Reed renewed their wedding vows in celebration of their 60th anniversary. Surrounded by family and friends, some of whom traveled from around the country (California, Florida, Georgia, Ohio and New York City) the couple was joined by members of the original wedding party, as well as their children and grandchildren, in a brief ceremony read from the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship, as the original ceremony had been.

The Rev. Reed, a retired Presbyterian minister, led the guests in prayer and read the wedding vows which he and Mrs. Reed affirmed. The bridal party wore petal pink T-shirts, recreating the color scheme of the original wedding. The groomsmen were attired in "tuxedo" T-shirts. Mrs. Reed carried a fresh bouquet of pink roses and the lace covered Bible from the original wedding.

Members of the bridal party were their daughters, Nan Reed Mann and Susan Rowell, granddaughters Louisa-Marie Mann and Alison Rowell Stringham, niece Stephanie Doughty, and close family friend Katie Szuch. Groomsmen were son-in-law Robert Rowell, grandsons Chris Stringham and Flint Scott Rowell, and original best man Dick Shaw.

The guests celebrated with a wedding feast following the ceremony, including a champagne toast led by Robert Rowell, and ending with a three-tiered pink frosted cake made by Nan Mann.

The couple departed in a shower of rice, as they had 60 years before.


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