Reformer Christmas Stocking

Wednesday December 5, 2012

The 76th annual Reformer Christmas Stocking is under way with this year’s goal set at $90,000.

All donations go for the purchase of warm outer wear for children through age 15.

All contributions will be listed daily in the Reformer as requested by the donor. Contributions may also be read on the Reformer website at A form may be found in the paper each day or find information on how to donate on our website.

Contributions, which are tax deductible, and the form, may be sent to: Reformer Christmas Stocking, P.O. Box 703, Brattleboro, VT 05302-0703.

Donors may use their credit cards on PayPal for contributions by visiting Type how you would like your donation to be listed in the Reformer in the "Purpose" line.

Contributions may also be brought to the Reformer office at 62 Black Mountain Road on Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.


In loving memory of June Bryant. Jane Bryant, $75.

Judi Mills, $20.

In loving memory of Mom & Mike -- forever in my heart. Sharon Struthers, $25.

Christmas hugs to all my former preschool students and their families. It’s an honor to have shared in caring for so many wonderful children for the past 45 years. "MiMi" Carol Lynch, $50.

Merry Christmas to Melissa White and family. Thank you for the wonderful retirement party you gave me. It was a very special occasion that warmed my heart, and the cake you made, as usual, was delicious! Carol Lynch, $25.

Honoring Georgia, Colby and Riley at Christmastime. In memory of their Grandfather Robert Bristol. Carol and Larry Lynch Sr. and Family, $15.

In honor of our grandkids. Pal and Donna, $100.

In loving memory of Deb Smith, $50.

In loving memory of my parents, Hilma and Wilbur Robertson, from Mary Ellen Wallace and Larry Hudon Sr., $25.

Keep the children warm. Doug and Ann Kroc, $100.

In memory of Nell Sather. Anne Fines, $50.

Bless all the children. $30.

Anonymous, $25.

To all our service members overseas. Ken and Elke Tuttle, $25.

In memory of my husband Walter, parents Sherman and Rachel Dompier and my good friend June Wells. Miss you and think of you often. Gloria Turner, $10.

Anonymous, $350.

In memory of Dorothy Russell, Eleanor Scott and Kenneth Howe. Terry and Linda, $100.

In memory of Isaac Lars, $50.

Merry Christmas! Janet and Guy Nido, $200.

Merry Christmas. Ken & Marie, $50.

In loving memory of Frank and Debra -- dearly missed and always in our hearts. The Dearborns, $50.

In memory of My Dear Granddaughter Amber, also Brother Kenny and Sister Evie. Merry Christmas. Yvonne Bernier, $25.

Galvin Gall, $200.

Anonymous, $50.

Nile Court #94 of the Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America. $100.

In loving memory of my parents, Ralph and Lucille Michelman, and Charlie Edson. Richard Michelman, $40.

Anonymous, $500.

Anonymous, $48.55

In memory of Erminie Marsh, Terry Chapin, Pete Chapin and Patrick Fournier. Rick and Catherine, $25.

Gail and Tom Nunziata, $75.

Anonymous, $25.

In memory of our beloved sister, Sandra Johnson. Henry and Carrie, $50.

In loving memory of my husband, Ed Hurley, and my grandson, Nicholas Grass. Jane Hurley, $100.

May our children and grandchildren always be happy and giving. Eileen and Joe, $25.

In memory of my husband, Henry A. Worden, still missing you. Love, Betty, $25.

Happy Holidays to all! Peter and Cathy, $100.

In memory of Grandpa, $100.

To the children. Happy Holidays! Sue and John Eastwood, $75.

In loving memory of John from Elizabeth, $30.

In memory of Marge and Paul Bennett. Barbara Baribeau, $25.

In memory of Eleanora Barry. Jamie, Barbara, Alex Baribeau, $25.

In memory of Jennifer Wells. Robert Page, $15.

In memory of our son Jeff. Bob and Shirley King, $30.

To keep the children warm and in memory of loved ones. Lynn and Bob Meyer, $50.

In honor of BHS Classmates who have passed away. Louise Pike, $50.

In memory of my parents, Lee and Alice Pike, and my brother, Laurence. Louise Pike, $50.

Happy Birthday Grammie Lou. Daniel, Jacob and David, $100.

In memory of Trevor Thompson. Dwight Blossom, $20.

In memory of Beth and Charlie Blossom. D.E.B., $20.

Today: $ 3,403.55

Previous: $18,054.00

Total to Date: $21,457.55


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