Reformer Christmas Stocking

Wednesday December 19, 2012

The 76th annual Reformer Christmas Stocking is a little over half way to this year’s goal of $90,000. The total received so far stands at $47,096.32.

All donations go for the purchase of warm outer wear for children through age 15.

All contributions will be listed daily in the Reformer as requested by the donor. Contributions may also be read on the Reformer website at A form may be found in the paper each day or find information on how to donate on our website.

Contributions, which are tax deductible, and the form, may be sent to: Reformer Christmas Stocking, P.O. Box 703, Brattleboro, VT 05302-0703.

Donors may use their credit cards on PayPal for contributions by visiting Type how you would like your donation to be listed in the Reformer in the "Purpose" line.

Contributions may also be brought to the Reformer office at 62 Black Mountain Road on Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.


In loving memory of the 26 Children and Adults killed in Newtown, CT. Bill and Deb, $20.

In loving memory of Zella, J.C. Derrig and Joan. Your memories live within us everyday. Miss you all. Bill and Deb, $20.

In memory of Helen Daly. Veronica (Ronny) Johnson, $25.

In memory of Frances Lucier. Anonymous, $100.

In honor of my mother who loves Christmas. Linda, $50.

Remembering Gramp, Clayton Cutting and Mom, Nancy Cutting Bevis and with thanks for the circle of life bringing us Emma Suzanne Petty whose smile brightens the world. Merry Christmas! Missy Snow, Jim Charuhas and Family. $60.

In loving memory of my father, William H. Spaulding, and my brother Chip and stepfather Bob May. Robert, $30.

In memory of our parents, Thelma and Henry Crosby, who loved children. Jeanie, Laurie and Marty, $200.

In memory of Ralph Momaney. Angela (DeCosta) Stone, Lyndon State College classmate ‘60. $50.

In loving memory of Lee and family members. Dolly, $20.

In memory of our parents, Alice and Harold Corwin and Marion and Leo Langlois -- also Carol’s brother, Grant. Bruce and Carol, $100.

Anonymous, $50.

In memory of Henry Martin from Janice. Missing you. $10.

In honor of Steve, Wayne and Joan from Mom, $10.

Remembering the victims of Newtown, Conn. -- Gene and Diane Wrinn, $100.

Memory of Myrtle McDermitt and Priscilla Barnard, $20.

In loving memory of Mary L. Jarvis Potvin. Always in my heart. Charlie, $50.

In memory of Frank (Finny) Potvin. Never Forgotten. The Potvin Family, $50.

In honor of my family, in memory of husband, parents and loved ones. $20.

In loving memory of Harry and Alice Lucier, Frances Lucier and Leonard Bills. Janice, Bill, Tod and Sharon Bills and Dick, $75.

In loving memory of Ralph and Cyrena Momaney. Jean Momaney, $20.

In memory of Ralph Momaney. Deb and Bob Bashford, $25.

Happy Holidays to all. Harriet Fairbank, $10.

Nichael Cramer and Crystal Washburn, $100.

Remembering Helen and Maynard, and Marj. Wendy, $20.

Loving memory of Richard Haas. Howard, $100.

In memory of Poppies. His loving family, $25.

In honor of our grandson Liam Hyun-Min. Halmoni and Harabeoji, $20.

To warm children in memory of family, pets and friends lost and with love to those around us. Barbara, $50.

Merry Christmas to the children. Stephen and Deborah Brown, $100.

Sent with love, in memory of our dear sister Jeanne, we miss you. Jackie and Joanne, $50.

In honor of Sylvie and Katherine, our very special Cookie Monsters, and for all the children who are not as fortunate. Pepere and Mimi Normandeau, $200.

In deepest appreciation of the support of MOAS. Meg, $100.

To honor my former students. Diane Abel, $25.

For Jinny -- Queen of Quilting. "It’s Okay." $100.

In appreciation of our teachers, Bob Glennon and Kathy Evans! Sarah and Owen Gallagher, $50.

To the children. Simone, Maggie, Ashley and Izzie, $100.

To keep the children warm. Linda Kosiba and Ann Miller, $50.

In memory of our parents, Billy and Gertrude Garland, Bill and Bertha Lane, brothers Wesley, Tim and Charlie Garland. Arnold and Roberta Garland, $25.

To the children and families, Happy Holidays! from The Carl Tenney Family, $100.

To keep the children warm -- Treasuring memories of past family Christmases with Gil and Joe ... and honoring Cindy, Phil, and granddaughter, Molly, during this special time of year. Merry Christmas! Erika Parker, $50.

Anonymous, $100.

Catherine Eldridge, $25.

In memory of Dave and Hattie Forsythe, from past generations to those that come. Merry Christmas, Julie Forsythe, $50.

In honor of Laurie Kuralt. Linda Shea, $70.

In memory and honor of the children and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Scott, Jen, Olivia, Clark and Sophia, $35.

In honor of my Dad, Rick John -- who donates freely and without reservation. This was his request in lieu of gifts this Christmas. Merry Christmas. Love, Tracey, Kathryn and Mark, $100.

In loving memory of Leon, Eunice and Douglas Thayer, and Elizabeth Harris. Edward Harris, $30.

In loving memory of Debbie. The Wood Family, $100.

Today: $ 2,890.00

Previous: $44,206.32

Total to Date: $47,096.32


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