Reformer made a crime out of nothing

Reformer made a crime out of nothing

Editor of the Reformer:

Complaint filed against restaurant. Then in big font you make the accusation that dumpster food is being served in a restaurant. So I read your story and find no information whatsoever to back up your claim, additionally how can someone make such a claim without being identified or explaining the details of their accusation? It seems the health inspector has agreed the problem is one of some employee or employees trying to take advantage of what they correctly see as waste and opportunity. It is not a crime to take food from a dumpster for personal use. The inspector seems to have discerned that in fact that was the case.

Does the Reformer have any idea what this could do to a business like a restaurant? Do you even care. The people who run this business have their whole lively hood at stake not to mention a large chunk of their personal fortune if not all. The inspector clearly indicated in his report the accusation as you stated it, was found to be false. You owe an apology to these people at the very least. If they hire the right lawyer, I am sure they could and in my view should get a large chunk of money from you as well.

It seems so often the Reformer has nothing to put on their front page or anywhere else for that matter. Why don't you just shut down and close up shop? Clearly you have no regard for the hard working people in the community when you put a hit piece like this on the front page.

I encourage members of the community to frequent the Panasian Restaurant a locally owned family business and unsubscribe from the Reformer a conglomerate owned corporate dump for so called news and info. Pick up the Commons it has become a better paper than the Reformer ever was. They do a much better job of researching their stories before they report and by default are a much better source of local information. Advertisers should take note as well.

Dwight Zeager, Brattleboro, Jan. 17


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