Reformer, Yellow Ribbon group team up to send care package to Putney man stationed in Afghanistan -- and his buddies

Saturday December 1, 2012

BRATTLEBORO -- The Brattleboro Reformer is stepping up to sponsor a care package that went out to a U.S. Army troop in Afghanistan.

The Reformer contributed $1,000 to fill eight large boxes with toothpaste, razors, skittles and clothes drying sheets for the troop that includes David Pratt, a BUHS graduate from Putney.

Pratt's church, Windham County Chapel in Dummerston, wanted to get the care package together as part of the local Yellow Ribbon group that supports troops and their families while the servicemen and women are overseas.

Reformer Publisher Ed Woods said when he was approached about helping the cause he saw it as a way to both support the troops and also help out a local service member. "We are always willing to support what they are doing over there, and to have a way to support local kid at the same time seemed like a good idea," Woods said.

All of the work that goes into the Yellow Ribbon projects is done by volunteers, and Woods said he was also encouraged knowing that all of the money that the Reformer gave was going toward the soldiers in Afghanistan.

"I think its great to have an organization that supports the troops the way this one does," Woods said. "This is a good program that is run well. Every dollar goes to a good cause and there is a lot to be said for that."

Pratt, a vehicle mechanic with Bravo Company, said during a Skype interview last month that the soldiers appreciate the small items that offer a little extra comfort while serving so far from home.

"It's all going to be appreciated. It's going to put to good use," Pratt said.

Reformer Interactive Sales Manager Josh Unruh is also a member of Windham County Chapel and when he heard that the Yellow Ribbon group was looking to support Pratt's troop he went to ask Woods about supporting the program.

Unruh went shopping after receiving a list of some of the items that Pratt said he and his fellow soldiers requested.

"The said they wanted some of this stuff to help remind them of home," said Unruh. "It gives them a taste of home that they don't have right now."

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