Retiring Twin Valley teacher to lead Valley Town Church


WILMINGTON -- Brian Wuoti, a math teacher at Twin Valley High School is retiring from teaching, but not leaving this small town. He recently announced that he was named the new head pastor at the Valley Town Church on South Main Street.

Wuoti taught at Twin Valley for three years. He has taught classes that included algebra, geometry, trigonometry and pre-calculus.

A frequent soccer spectator in the fall, Wuoti could be seen hanging in his hammock on the hill. He also performed in Twin Valley's 2014 fall production of "Auntie Mame," dazzling everybody with his acting talents.

However, Wuoti is known for far more than just his contribution to student life. Wuoti is seen as a leader in innovative technology, often using tablet, laptop, projector, and document camera in one lesson. All his lessons are available on the Twin Valley Math YouTube channel, "So it doesn't matter if he goes too fast in class," said an advanced math student.

"You can always go back and watch the video at your own pace," the student added.

Wuoti has also set up online curriculum maps that can be edited by any teacher for any class with just the press of a button.

As far as Twin Valley goes, he will be missed by everyone. When asked about memories, he said he loved every day of teaching.

"Connecting with students. Seeing them learn. Joking around. Finding creative ways to teach math. I am really going to miss the students and the faculty," said Wuoti. "I am glad to be staying in the community and hope to even substitute teach once in a while."

When walking by his classroom, he could be heard laughing or assisting a student.

Although Wuoti is retiring from teaching math, he will still be teaching about the Bible and Jesus. He said onlookers would be welcomed.

"It is a relaxed environment. As the pastor, I don't 'dress up' and most people don't," he said. "I just wear a T-shirt and jeans. You could get some coffee. Check kids into one of our classrooms. You would see people singing songs, hear a relevant and applicable message from the Bible. As someone seeking, you would experience God working in your heart. You would discover how much you are loved by God. As you draw near to God, He would draw near to you. He is not a God that requires blind faith, He proves himself as you continue to take small steps."

Wuoti had this dream to be a pastor since he was about 16. He has experience in the church and has as much dedication to being a pastor as he did to his teaching.

His plans for the church are to serve the people and preach the truth with love and boldness. He wants to see more churches planted and more people grow and be empowered to do what God has called them to do.

Wuoti never avoided controversial issues in the classroom and he doesn't plan to at the church. His students asked how math and Christianity could be compatible.

"I see Him not only as a Redeemer and Savior but as Creator. He filled this world with the utmost design. He filled his creation with purpose. He is also a coder. I see him as a programmer. He both codes and encodes. Mathematics is one of the things He has made plain for us to discover. I see mathematics as evidence for the structure and order innate within our universe. I enjoy teaching Math because it is truth and it is reliable. The same holds true for the Bible. The same coding techniques in how He has designed DNA He has also written in the Bible. Mathematically analyzed the Bible is inspired by a mind far more powerful than our own with the ability to encode text within text within text to a very high degree. Historically speaking, it is written by a being that exists outside of our time domain, since it is so full of prophecy of events prior to their happening. Some prophecy is in the plain text, other events are within the codes."

Wuoti plans on speaking on this topic on this coming Sunday.

Brianna Rafus is a sophomore at Twin Valley High School. She wrote this story for her World Religions Class.


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