Sex offender released into community


BRATTLEBORO -- According to the Vermont Department of Corrections, Marc J. Cartner, 46, was recently released into the community. He is considered a category 2, not high-risk sex offender.

In January 2006, during his trial in Windham Superior Court Criminal Division, Cartner admitted to sexually assaulting a juvenile in Jamaica. He received a mostly suspended prison sentence and was ordered to serve an indefinite period of probation. But in February of this year, officials from probation and parole informed the court that he had been unable to abide by the sex-offender conditions of that probation. Judge David Suntag ordered Cartner to prison for up to three years.

The victim, who was under the age of 16 at the time the relationship started in 2004, told investigators "she would have sex with Cartner because she knew if she said no, that he would have sex with her anyway."

The victim eventually became pregnant, but the baby died in utero.

A plea agreement was reached between the state and Cartner, which called for a two- to four-year suspended prison sentence, except for 60 days that Cartner was ordered to serve.

Cartner was sent back to prison in February for violating the conditions of his probation, which included he not possess or own a computer or have access to the Internet without the permission of his probation officer and to not to have a friendship or relationship with any woman who had a child, also without the permission of his probation officer. He also was cited for driving with a suspended license, which goes against a probation condition that he stay out of legal trouble.


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