Sheriff re-introduces community care program

Wednesday January 16, 2013

NEWFANE -- "Are you OK?" is a community care program that is operated free of charge by the Windham County Sheriff’s Department.

Each day, at the same time of day, the sheriff’s dispatchers calls each enrolled subscriber. If the subscriber fails to answer the phone after several tries, or if there is a busy signal several times in a row, the dispatcher will send a person listed by the subscriber as a first responder, a deputy sheriff or a police officer to check on the person.

-- Each subscriber will be asked to choose an hour during which he or she prefers to be called. The calls will always be made in the same order, so people will quickly learn exactly when to expect them.

-- During holidays or other times when the subscriber will not be available to answer the phone, a simple call to the Windham County Sheriff’s Department will stop the calls for as long as necessary.

-- Everyone who signs up must fill out a form with medical and emergency information, which a Deputy may need in an emergency. This information will be totally confidential; it will be kept secured at the Sheriff’s Department for use by the Sheriff’s Department only.

-- If you wish to sign up or you know someone you think might be interested and would like to talk about it with someone, please call the Windham County Sheriff’s Department at 802-365-4942. A dispatcher will take your name and phone number we will enroll you in the program as soon as possible. If you need help filling out the information form, we will assist you.

-- Are You OK? is not intended to take the place of the Lifeline, Lifephone, or any similar services which a person is now using.

You may obtain an application by calling the Windham County Sheriff’s Department at 802-365-4942 or by picking one up from the office located at 11 Jail Street, Newfane. Brochures and enrollment forms are also located at the Windham Superior Court in Brattleboro

The Are You OK? program has been operated by the Windham County Sheriff’s Department since December of 1997. Sheriff Keith D. Clark continues to support the program in an effort to support the community. The program was initially started using grants from the Windham Foundation and the Thompson Trust. The program continues to be a success, alerting emergency services to several situations where response was necessary. With the continued support and partnership with area businesses, this program will continue to succeed into the future.


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