Showroom going up at Truck Camper Warehouse


CHESTERFIELD, N.H. -- The development you may have noticed going up at Route 9 and Lyman Way is intended to serve as a showroom for Truck Camper Warehouse, the company's owner said this week.

William Penny told the Reformer the facility will be a 7,420-square-foot space that serves as an "office/store/indoor display area" that will allow his workers to show inventory to potential customers without exposing them to the outdoor elements. The project also will include paving once the building is erected, though it is not certain when that will happen. Penny said all necessary permits have been in place since 2008, when he initially intended to construct a showroom before the sour economy put the project on hold. The building going up now is a new model fashioned after the previous design.

"It's going to be gorgeous. We won't have to show people around in the snow and the rain and on the gravel. ... I'm so excited," he said, adding that it will feature bathrooms for customers. "This will take us, hopefully, to the next level."

Chesterfield Code Enforcement Officer/Town Building Inspector Chet Greenwood said Penny got approval from the town's Planning Board in 2008. He said he is pleased the development will add to Chesterfield's tax base.

"It's definitely good news for everybody," he said. "It shows that the economy is growing and people are getting excited about it."

Penny, who is originally from Windham, told the Reformer he has been in business since 1980, opening East End Campers, which still stands as one of the two enterprises of its kind in Long Island. He started Truck Camper Warehouse in 2007 and capitalized on the rugged, adventurous culture of this section of New England. Penny said people from as far away as Minnesota, Michigan, and even Alaska, have shopped for a camper at his store.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the concrete foundation of the showroom had been laid. Pieces of equipment, such as backhoes and a bulldozer, sat near the foundation, as a sea of campers looks on in the background. The business is located next to Over the River Day Spa.

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