Some practical — and impractical — advice from The Farmer's Almanac


Don't try these at home


Follow rules to avoid death

As reported in the 1990 Farmer's Almanac, folklore dictates you can avoid death by avoiding mirrors when sick, never whistle in a coal mine and never shake hands over a fence.


Don't yell 'Five second rule!'

Before you reach for that cookie you dropped, you should know the 2011 almanac reported that microorganisms can move from ceramic tile to food in 5 seconds or less.


What's the best day to ...

According to the Almanac's astrological chart, the best day in August to begin dieting is Aug. 19, 23 and 28. Parents are in luck because those are the best days to potty train, as well.


Get over that cold faster

Some natural remedies recommended by almanac readers includes eating hot or spicy foods, or swallowing small chunks of raw garlic like pills. Just don't breathe on anyone!


Many uses for household item

Use vinegar to remove chewing gum from clothes, remove bumper stickers from cars, and for brunettes, rinsing your hair with vinegar after a shampoo makes hair shinier.


Make a prediction

Look at the seeds of a persimmon fruit to predict the weather — spoon-shaped kernel is heavy, wet snow; fork-shaped a mild winter and knife-shaped an icy cold one.


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