Statewide Thunderstorm: Many in southern Vermont still without power

BRATTLEBORO — "We were hit really hard," Dorothy "Dottie" Schnure from Green Mountain Power said about Thursday night's thunderstorm. The storm affected more than 30,000 Green Mountain Customers and 2,500 customers are still without power. Returning power for those customers will take workers into Friday night. Schnure said GMP was well prepared for the storm.

"We expect to continue and make very good progress," Schnure said.

The storm resulted in power outages, road closures and fallen power lines.

"There have been places where the roads are still closed," Schnure said.

Schnure said the whole state was hit hard, but that GMP saw the worst damage in Brattleboro and Westminster. Northern Vermont was affected Friday morning with towns such as St. Johnsbury also seeing a fair amount of damage. A seasonal home in West Addison was ripped from its foundation with a woman still inside, according to WCAX-TV. The woman is OK.

The storm wasn't localized to Vermont, New Hampshire and New York were also affected. GMP called utilities from other states too. Maine, New York Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut also assisted in helping with the storm. Vermont utilities, Burlington Electric and Ludlow Electric assisted GMP in storm clean up.

State officials are advising that people do not touch power lines, Associated Press reports.

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